By 2020 all Kingspan's needs will be met with renewable energy...


Renewable Energy Usage


Reduction in Energy Intensity


Reduction in Carbon Intensity


Reduction in Energy Costs

34.5 GWh

Renewable Energy Generated On-site

Product Innovation

Product innovation is an important part of our business, we are constantly working to improve our products and solutions to create comfortable, energy-efficient and visually impactful buildings.   

Product Lifecycle

We ensure that sustainability is at the core of our product lifecycle, from design to disposal. As a leader in sustainable business, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to the property market. This is enforced as a top priority by senior managers and directors throughout the products’ life cycle in all countries. 

Supply Chain

We actively engage with our supply chain to ensure that they operate to similar sustainability standards. We require our suppliers to achieve appropriate levels of quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost. 

Waste & Water

We aim to minimize waste and water usage associated with the manufacture, distribution and end of life management of our products. As a proportion of inputs into our operations, water is small compared to other resources. Water use from rainwater harvesting is expected to rise when intended rainwater harvesting systems are installed in the coming years. 

Waste is addressed by our ISO 14001 Environmental management system as part of our continues process to “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Thanks to significant efforts in this area we are working towards a “zero waste to landfill manufacturing process” across North America.