IntelaSun® - What is it and why is it important?

IntelaSun® is a dynamic shading system utilized in skylight applications to optimize daylight levels and improve energy efficiency. 

  • Effectively manages daylight levels, and reduces solar heat gain and glare
  • Predictable energy use and improved energy efficiency, resulting in reduced utility costs
  • The system can be zoned, enabling larger aperture sizes that can be scaled down during peak daylight hours
  • The system can adapt to accommodate multiple daylighting scenarios
  • Harvests both direct and indirect light to ensure a comfortable and well lit environment throughout the day and year
  • Significant reduction in light pollution from interior lighting at night

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IntelaSun Dynamic Shading System

Product brochure for IntelaSun® Dynamic Shading System

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IntelaSun® - Dynamic Daylighting System

A dynamic shading system designed for both skylight and wall applications. The key element of its design is the series of SolaBlades®, which are inserted into our standard two-panel glazing system and act as internal louvers with the freedom to rotate a full 360 degrees. The internal louvers adapt based on sensor data and user settings to effectively regulate and optimize light levels throughout the day, while simultaneously reducing heat gain and eliminating glare. The system’s ability to control light transmission levels results in lower peak load demands and significantly improves a building’s energy efficiency, leading to predictable energy consumption and associated cost savings.


Designing Adaptive Environments

The dynamic nature of the system enables architects to create adaptive environments, so they are no longer limited to designing a system for a single daylighting scenario. IntelaSun® offers the flexibility to design daylighting systems that have a larger aperture without the traditional risk of over lighting or overheating a space. Having the ability to control the amount of light that enters a space enables those spaces to be used for a variety of different functions. While a school gymnasium may require a lot of natural light for activities during gym class, the space may need to be dimmed to show movies or to put on performances.

How Does IntelaSun® Work?

Sensors on the exterior and interior of the building track and analyze the angle of the sun and accurately measure the light levels in the interior space. Based on control settings and data recorded by both sensors, the internal louver system (SolaBlades®) will rotate to effectively regulate and maintain optimal light levels throughout the day, and also limit solar heat gain. The system is managed from a wall-mounted control and can be programmed to be fully automated or operated manually, based on the user’s preference. IntelaSun® can also be integrated with other building controls. When completely open, the system provides maximum light transmission, and closing the blades will reduce the light transmission to a mere 3%. The process of completely opening or closing the system’s internal louvers can be done in 45 seconds or less utilizing the quick dim function.


SolaBlade® Technology

The key element of the IntelaSun® system’s design is the series of internal rotating louvers, called SolaBlades®, which are inserted into our standard two-panel glazing system. The SolaBlades have the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees and gradually adjust their angle throughout the day to deliver and maintain the desired amount of light. By utilizing input from both light sensors and user control settings, these SolaBlades help to optimize building performance by effectively regulating sunlight, solar heat gain, and glare within a given space to ensure maximum occupancy comfort. They also eliminate the need for any type of secondary shading devices. SolaBlades are mounted onto a single controlling shaft at the base of the glazing panels. Each SolaBlade can freely extend up to 40 feet, eliminating the need for horizontal breaks in the system, which could result in mechanical complications and extra wiring connections. The free floating SolaBlade design also allows for uninterrupted expansion, contraction and structural movement.

SolaBlade® Sun Tracking

Minimize light transmission and solar heat gain.

Maximize light transmission regardless of sun angle.

Blades are angled to diffuse light transmission, eliminate glare and maintain user comfort.


Wall Controller

IntelaSun® systems are managed from a wall-mounted control and can be programmed to be fully automated or operated manually, based on the user’s preference. The display indicates both light levels and the position angle of the SolaBlades®. The controller comes equipped with a user-friendly interface for easy operation, and includes a “quick dim” function that will darken the room in 45 seconds or less. Simply tap the button again to open the blades. The controller can also be programmed to control multiple zones, depending on the configuration of the daylighting system, and can even be integrated with other building controls to improve overall building efficiency.

System Zoning

IntelaSun® glazing systems can be divided into up to 4 different zones and each zone can be controlled by the same controller and pair of sensors. All panels in a zone are subject to the same control logic and commands. These zones can also have up to 4 branches.