Reducing Embodied Carbon

Reducing the Embodied Carbon of Walls in Industrial Buildings

"For teams seeking to reduce the embodied carbon of their industrial building to the highest degree possible, Kingspan QuadCore® is an effective solution, particularly if the carbon reduction strategies have already been applied to the concrete mix design of the building foundation and floor slab."

-KieranTimberlake, “Kingspan: Life Cycle Assessment of Industrial Claddings Report”, June 7, 2020

Kingspan's IMPs Can Reduce the Embodied Carbon of Walls

Kingspan partnered with KieranTimberlake to quantify how Kingspan can reduce embodied carbon in industrial buildings.  Watch our video and learn why thoughtful material specification is critical if we want to impact the embodied carbon numbers in our buildings for the future of our planet.

We conducted an LCA to quantitfy how our QuadCore® panels stack up against other building materials. Learn more by watching this video and downloading our white paper.
According to Architecture 2030, the building sector accounts for 39% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – 28% of that is from building operations, while the remaining 11% is specifically from building materials and construction. 

While energy use associated with building operations can be reduced over time with measures such as energy efficiency retrofits, shifts towards renewable energy procurement, and on-site renewable energy installations, embodied carbon from building materials and construction are unchangeable once a building is constructed.

The locked-in nature of embodied carbon underscores the critical importance of thoughtful material selection and detailed specifications at the outset. 

To reduce the embodied carbon of building envelopes, Kingspan QuadCore® IMPs should be considered the product of choice compared to conventional wall systems such as concrete or mineral fiber IMPs.

Download the Embodied Carbon Whitepaper today

Interested in how IMPs compare against traditional building materials? Download our Embodied Carbon whitepaper to see the technical details.

Planet Passionate Program to Further Drive Down Embodied Carbon

Some of the targets that will specifically the impact embodied carbon of our products include:
  • Increasing the use of direct renewable energy to 60% by 2030
  • Increasing our on-site renewable energy generation to 20% by 2030
  • Reducing the product CO₂ intensity from our primary supply partners by 50% by 2030
  • All QuadCore® to use upcycled PET by 2025

Through Planet Passionate, we are playing our part by driving energy and carbon out of our business operations and supply chain, as well as increasing our recycling of rainwater and waste, while also accelerating our participation in the circular economy.

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