Introducing QuadCore® Technology

It’s all in the gray cells – the smarter way to build for better fire, thermal, health & wellness and warranty.

QuadCore® Technology is Kingspan’s next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core. This innovation with its distinctive gray microcells powers the global industry’s highest combined performance, delivering:
  • Unrivaled thermal performance
  • Superior fire protection
  • Unmatched health & wellness certification 
  • 30-year thermal warranty

It's all in the gray cells...

Download the QuadCore® brochure for an overview of our game changing insulation.


Unrivaled Thermal Performance

The class-leading R-value of R-8.0 per inch means QuadCore® Technology is certified as the most thermally efficient closed cell insulation core on the market.
  • 11% better than high-quality PIR
  • Up to 60% better than PUR
  • Around twice the performance of rock mineral fiber


Superior Fire Performance

Certified to the highest insurance and regulatory standards. 
  • World-first certification - The  first  closed-cell  insulated  panels  in  the world  to achieve FM  4882 certification. For a detailed listing of approved products, please visit
  • Low smoke - Up to 85%  lower  smoke  developed  index.
  • NFPA 285 - Code-compliant  systems available for peace of mind.

30-Year Thermal Warranty

The industry’s longest thermal performance warranty. The inimitable science behind QuadCore® Technology and comprehensive independent third-party testing has delivered the industry an unparalleled 30-year thermal performance warranty.


Unmatched Health & Wellness Certification

It’s about the human environment, not just the built environment. QuadCore® Technology is paving the way as the only insulated metal panel core in North America to achieve a trusted range of health & wellness certifications.


Products with QuadCore® Technology

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