Projects Featuring Kingspan KarrierPanel Nominated in ArchDaily’s Buildings of the Year Awards

Kingspan KarrierPanel is proving to be an integral part of several of the projects nominated in ArchDaily’s 2021 Building of the Year awards. Six of the nominees in the Best Applied Products category feature Kingspan insulated metal panels; three of the North American projects all utilize our KarrierPanel.

Catalyst Building

The Catalyst Building in Spokane, Washington will be a living lab for new sustainability technologies, materials, construction techniques, operations and design. It is pursuing zero energy and zero carbon certification, and, if successful, will be one of the largest buildings in North America to meet both standards.

Gusto 501

Gusto 501 is a restaurant in Toronto, Canada with a space that is as inventive as its world-class cuisine. Designers turned a former parking garage into a multi-level mixture of glass, terracotta and steel that has become the cornerstone of the city’s Corktown neighborhood.

Campus Simons

Campus Simons in Quebec City, Quebec is a distribution center and office space for La Maison Simons, a large fashion retailer. The building is haute couture of distribution centers, designed to strike a balance between landscape and architecture. A premium was placed on selecting renewable and environmentally-friendly materials, with a focus on the health of building occupants as well as the surrounding ecosystem.
While these projects are all dramatically different, KarrierPanel meets many of the needs when designing high-performing buildings by providing a thermal, air, water and vapor barrier - and does it all in a single product. This universal barrier improves speed of build so the envelope can be closed much faster than multi-component wall systems, and reduces the number of trades needed during construction. KarrierPanel also provides complete freedom when it comes to design, as any exterior façade can be applied over it, as demonstrated by the different designs of the nominees in the ArchDaily award nominees.