Tight Building Envelopes in Tight Spaces

Every construction project comes with its own challenges. Tight construction sites where space is limited can present a host of logistical issues and challenges that can derail tight project timelines. Selecting construction materials that by design help solve for these challenges can take some of the headaches out of building in tight spaces. That’s where insulated metal panels shine. Insulated metal panels, an all-in-one system that delivers a tight, thermally efficient envelope, mitigate the complexities of space-constrained construction sites by accelerating speed of build, resulting in faster dry-in and shorter project schedules.

Building Up In Tight Spaces

When space is at a premium, building at height is sometimes the only option. That was the situation faced by architects designing Gusto 501, a landmark-type restaurant in Toronto’s historically industrial Corktown neighborhood. Building up required an easier to install building envelope solution than multi-component wall systems. The fast-approaching Canadian winter also meant that the project needed to be dried-in quickly. Lighter in weight, more maneuverable, quicker to install and thermally efficient, Kingspan KarrierPanel insulated metal panels checked all the boxes for this limited space project. The panels were easily positioned and installed as the project was built up, allowing the building envelope to be sealed in a matter of weeks.

Building Fast In Tight Spaces

Some construction projects are not only tight on space, they are tight on time. When these two challenges converge, architects and contractors need solutions that can help them address both space and deadline requirements. That was the case in the Mandeville High School project. Space constraints on campus coupled with an urgent need for more classroom space equaled a project that was tight on space and time.
Designwall 2000 insulated metal panels were the space-saving, timesaving thermally efficient solution on this project. These weatherproof panels with R-values of up to 7 per inch, required only one installer which saved space on the construction site and were installed quickly allowing interior work to begin sooner, which saved time in a project already facing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building Airtight In Tight Spaces

Whenever Kingspan insulated metal panels are selected for a project, architects and contractors can be sure the result will be a thermally, efficient airtight building envelope. A tight building envelope is the first line of defense for inhibiting energy loss. In the CODE Building project located in Charlottesville, Virginia, architects selected Kingspan KarrierPanels to help fill that role.
The building was designed to meet AIA’s 2030 challenge for efficiency and thermal performance. KarrierPanel helped enclose the building like a refrigerator, allowing the direct outside air system to work even more efficiently, leading to potential LEED certification.
As with the other projects highlighted, the CODE Building project also involved tight quarters. Using the all-in-one KarrierPanel system eliminated the work of several subcontractors, allowing other crews more space to work and speeding up construction in an area that is situated between a pedestrian area and main road.
When space and time are tight and buildings needs to be airtight, Kingspan insulated metal panels are the solution. Much simpler and quicker to install than traditional site-built wall and roof enclosure systems, these insulated metal panels require only one installer instead of multiple trades and provide an airtight, weathertight building envelope in a fraction of the time of other systems.

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