Kingspan Year In Review - Looking Back on 2019

Kingspan had a great 2019

2019 was a landmark year for Kingspan - we've seen the release of our IKON Innovation Center and the launch of our Planet Passionate program.  We also launched a multitude of new products this year and even won awards.  Learn more below.

Planet Passionate

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One of the most exciting things to happen this year was unveiling Planet Passionate, our 10-year strategy to play our part in reducing the world’s carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. This strategy is made up of 12 ambitious targets, focusing on the areas of energy, carbon, circularity and water.
Kingspan’s Planet Passionate targets are designed to contribute to the world’s renewable energy mix, reduce carbon emissions, divert waste from landfill, conserve water, provide upcycling solutions for plastic waste and help clean the world’s oceans, and protect biodiversity. 

Launch of three new roof panels

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Earlier this year, we introduced three new roof panels to the market: KingSeam, KingRib 3 and KingRib 5. KingSeam panels provides the look of a traditional metal standing seam roof while delivering all the benefits of an insulated metal panel. Its trapezoidal rib design protects against potential damage from foot traffic, especially when compared to similar standing seam roof panels on the market.
KingRib 3 panels deliver outstanding performance and are more economical compared to field-assembled high rib roof applications. The panels install quickly by through-fastening into supporting members. KingRib 5 provides the performance of KingRib 3, but in a five-ribbed panel.

Product Innovation Award win

Another great highlight from 2019 was our product KarrierPanel with QuadCore Technology winning a Product Innovation Award in the Architectural Products 2019 Product Innovation Awards. These awards determine and honor innovation in the development and refinement of buildings-related products that range the gamut from cladding systems to interior finishes.
By offering QuadCore in our KarrierPanels, we are making it easier for architects and specifiers to meet high levels of demand for performance, safety and health.

QuadCore in the Holiday Inn rebuild

After Hurricane Michael damaged the Holiday Inn in Panama City, QuadCore Technology was specified for a complete rebuild. The $20 million reconstruction of the Holiday Inn Panama City required a quick nine-month turnaround time as the hotel needed to be open by the first of June to accommodate tourists visiting during the busy summer season.
Designwall 4000 panels were ordered with QuadCore in January, shipped in March and the hotel was up and running by June – saving the buisness valueable operating costs. By using QuadCore, the hotel was able to surpass code in reconstruction.

KS UniQuad

This year we also announced the new KS UniQuad integrated translucent panel system, which allows UniQuad daylighting panels to be used with KS Series insulated metal panels. Before KS UniQuad, incorporating translucent panels with insulated metal panels could be a tedious process, in terms of getting two different joint systems to connect.
This fully integrated system allows the metal and daylighting panels, along with the associated accessories, to be ordered from a single source.
Thanks to everyone for their contributions in making 2019 a successful year. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

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