Kingspan Releases 3 New Roof Products

KingSeam, KingRib 3, and KingRib 5

Meet the evolution of Kingspan’s insulated roof panel series

The strength of steel, the thermal performance of Kingspan

Kingspan Insulated Panels is proud to announce the addition of three new insulated roof panels – KingSeam, KingRib 3 and KingRib 5.

These roof panels combine the unrivaled thermal performance of Kingspan insulation with the durable, sleek-looking style of steel roofing panels.

Our new roof options give architects and specifiers additional options for easy-to-install, low-maintenance metal insulated roofing systems that offer superior R-values and a high level of fire protection. 


KingSeam panels provides the look of a traditional metal standing seam roof while delivering all the benefits of an insulated metal panel. Its trapezoidal rib design protects against potential damage from foot traffic, especially when compared to similar standing seam roof panels on the market. Its standard exterior finish is smooth 26ga G-90 galvanized steel with PVDF and SMP exterior coatings. Panels come in a standard 40” width and are easy to install, reducing construction time.
KingSeam_Ridge _Detail_Render_NA


KingRib 3 panels deliver outstanding performance and are more economical compared to field-assembled high rib roof applications. The panels install quickly by through-fastening into supporting members.
KingRib 5 provides the performance of KingRib 3, but in a five-ribbed panel.
All the new Kingspan panels utilize CFC-free foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate foam that provides an
R-value of 12 for a 1.5” panel, all the way up to an R-value of 49 for a 6” panel, and are all FM Approved.
“We’re excited to launch three new roof panels to give Kingspan customers more diverse options that represent our values rooted in performance and sustainability,” said Vice President of Customer Excellence and Marketing Services, Karim Muri. “These new panels are welcome additions to the Kingspan line, as they are energy efficient, economically friendly and have outstanding fire ratings.”

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