Kingspan Presents New Fire CEU

An AIA-accredited course that explores fire safety of IMPs

Kingspan CEU Fire Performance KIP 210-20

Kingspan is proud to announce the addition of our all-new CEU “Fire Performance of Metal-faced Sandwich Panel Systems,” which has been updated for 2020.

This AIA-accredited course provides education on the ins-and-outs of fire testing, and the role they play in choosing the right insulated panel system for your project’s needs.

The course also highlights the various types of insulated metal panels and how they respond to fire, as well as a holistic view into the fundamental difference between MCM, ACM and Insulated Metal Panels. 

Furthermore, this class will take real-world look at fire case studies from around the world, highlighting real usage of insulated metal panels in fire scenarios.

Not all insulation is created equal

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You may think “foam is foam” and that all insulation types are the same.  There are actually many differences between types of insulating foam, and they all have unique fire resistance properties that will greatly impact how you can build with them.

In this CEU, you will be given an overview of the different insulation foam types, and the role they play in fire resistance.

The different types of fire testing


This CEU will give users an overview of the relevant fire testing for insulated metal panels, including NFPA 285, FM approval and more.  We will take a deep dive into fire testing to highlight the different requirements between the FM and ASTM standards. In addition, this portion will cover NFPA Standards and NBCC/OBC along with IBC.  

These tests are integral for ensuring that architects, designers and builders choose the safest and most applicable product for their unique needs.

How does charring affect panels?

Our real fire case studies refer to charring - but what is it and how does it help protect against fire spread?

Thermoplastic materials, such as polyethylene, melt and drip when exposed to heat. Kingspan's high-performance PIR and QuadCore® insulation materials, however, are thermosetting. They char when exposed to heat and self-extinguish when the fire source is removed. 

Real-world usage

This CEU gives a first-hand account of real-world fire case studies, so you can see the impact that insulated metal panels have had in real buildings.  We will highlight a myriad of different building types from around the globe, so you can have an in-depth look at how IMPs act under realistic fire conditions.

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