Easy As Pie: The All-In-One Barrier Wall Solution

There are plenty of expressions out there when it comes to easing life’s burdens. They range from: “work smarter, not harder” to “kill two birds with one stone.” Designing and constructing a building requires putting together all the pieces of an elaborate puzzle. Intricate plans are required to ensure the vision comes to fruition.
The building industry is filled with solutions to cut time and save money. However, compromising on quality can result in extra headaches throughout the construction process. Why make life difficult when there is a high-quality, cost-effective product that can do it all? When it comes to walls, KarrierPanel, a universal barrier wall alternative, is the solution.

“Keep it simple”

Traditional built-up construction requires separate installation of insulation, air infiltration systems and sheathing. These components must come together in order to create an air-tight thermal barrier to protect the building from outside elements. In just one product, KarrierPanel combines the thermal benefits of lightweight insulated metal panels with the aesthetics of multiple facades.  
KarrierPanel consists of a KS Series panel and integrated rail, known as the KarrierRail system. The stable and secure structural rail safely transmits loads from the façade to structural supports behind the panel. This rail system does not penetrate the air vapor barrier, while enabling multiple types of rain screens to be attached.
KarrierPanel allows building designers to achieve the look they desire with options like brick ties that can be integrated to combine the look of masonry with the benefits of an insulated metal panel. KarrierPanel can also be oriented horizontally or vertically, depending on the project.

“Time is money”

Construction is a deadline-driven industry that requires careful coordination and scheduling. This sometimes causes difficulties and even delays. Multi-component walls can require multiple trades for installation. With KarrierPanel, one company can do the job. There are no scheduling conflicts or communication breakdowns that lead to delays.
It is critical to get the building envelope closed quickly, no matter the project. In climates with harsh climates, construction season is limited to just a few months per year. KarrierPanel’s simple installation cuts down the time needed for close-in, allowing projects to move forward quickly.

“Best of both worlds”

The return on investment begins from the minute the building envelope is closed. Not only is it airtight, but the high R-value provides benefits for years to come.
When equipped with QuadCore technology, KarrierPanel offers the highest thermal performance and fire protection available. The R-value is approximately 8 per inch per ASTM C518 @ 75˚F. QuadCore comes with a 30-year thermal performance warranty, which is the longest in the industry.
KarrierPanels equipped with QuadCore earn a Red List Free classification. Additionally, sll KarrierPanels are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. The products have all undergone strict testing to determine they contain low emissions of volatile organic compounds. This ensures the air is safe to breathe in all buildings -- especially important for schools and health care facilities.
While a “penny saved is a penny earned,” KarrierPanel’s optimal thermal performance helps reduce energy costs, resulting in lower carbon emissions for all. With a high return on investment, quality protection and good looks, KarrierPanel has everything but the kitchen sink.

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