Insulated Metal Panels Helping To Transform Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facility construction is on the rise in the U.S. In fact, as of March 2021, approximately 126 million square feet of storage space was underway or in the planning stages across the U.S., according to Yardi Matrix data cited in a Multi-Housing News. This construction boom reflects the nation’s growing demand for storage space - storage usage has grown from 2 square feet per person 20 years ago to 8 square feet per person today. While the storage market is growing, new storage buildings won’t resemble the facilities of 20 years ago. Unsightly, outdated storage facilities are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by modern, sophisticated design that mimics the look of high-end retail stores.
As self-storage facilities increasingly move away from traditional industrial parks and rural areas to more urban areas, the design of these buildings is becoming more important than ever. That’s because moving into more high-visibility areas brings added design aesthetic expectations from local jurisdictions and from potential customers.
Designers and builders in the storage market are looking for building envelope solutions with both aesthetics and performance to construct the new generation of storage facilities. That’s where Kingspan comes in.
Insulated metal panels (IMPs) from Kingspan are part of the evolution of self-storage facilities, helping reimagine their design and creating state-of-the-art buildings with curb appeal. Kingspan IMPs are being used in building projects in markets like self-storage because of the wide range of design options, ease of construction and superior R-value.
Unique design aesthetics can be created with insulated metal panels. For example, using Kingspan IMPs in contrasting colors is a simple way to create a visually stunning and highly functioning storage facility that makes an interesting and colorful architectural statement. Kingspan’s insulated metal panels can be applied vertically or horizontally and offer nearly endless options when it comes to finishes, and colors which can be easily replicated for franchise operations. The addition of the Accent Fin™ gives architects even more options to make self-storage facilities stand out.
In addition to design flexibility, Kingspan IMPs make storage facilities more energy efficient. These panels provide high R-values, superior air and weather tightness, and low thermal bridging, resulting in energy cost savings over traditional multi part built-up wall systems. More energy-efficient and environmentally friendly facilities provide the added benefit of acting as a key sustainability differentiator for storage facilities operating in a very crowded market.
Insulated metal panels also mean fewer trades are needed onsite during construction of storage facilities. This translates to a faster speed of build, especially when compared to the traditional block wall and stucco approach typically used to build many of these storage buildings.
New design trends are continuing to transform the self-storage industry. Innovative building materials and design options are helping create a new generation of modern, streamlined storage facilities. Kingspan’s insulated metal wall panel products are part of this transformation, offering building envelope solutions with both aesthetics and performance. Design flexibility, faster builds and superior thermal performance are just a few of the reasons why Kingspan insulated metal panels are an integral part of the continuing evolution of self-storage facilities.

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