Not Just a Box - How Insulated Panels Help Manufacturing Facilities Stand Out

In the past, industrial buildings including warehouses, manufacturing plants and production lines were not the epitome of striking design and architectural style. All function and no flair, these buildings were often rectangular in shape and built of brick or stone. As building material technology continues to advance, these innovations are being integrated in the evolving design and development of industrial buildings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, food processing plants and manufacturing facilities were given a second look, especially as supply chains were stretched thin and demands were sky-high.
Now, companies are looking to expand their processing and manufacturing facilities, but to go beyond the functional box. Many of these new industrial buildings will use Kingspan insulated metal wall panels to create modern, stylish, state-of-the-art facilities that combine functionality with aesthetics, safety and energy efficiency.
Available in a wide array of textures and finishes, Kingspan's insulated metal wall panels offer design flexibility that can match any industrial building project and be used effectively to highlight entrances and showcase brand. They can also highlight branding through texture and color, in order to retain consistency across the company. Kingspan’s KS Series panels can be customized with trimless ends and pre-formed corners to provide a clean, finished appearance and feature adjustable module widths that can create a distinct architectural flair.
In addition to their great looks, Kingspan metal wall panels deliver supreme thermal performance. Thermal performance is critical to net zero strategies taking shape across the industrial sector. Sustainable design and construction are gaining traction in this sector with growing acceptance of green practices and increasing awareness of the benefits of sustainable buildings including reduced energy consumption and operational cost savings.
As industrial building design shifts to designing and building more sustainable facilities, building material selection takes on added importance. A recent Kingspan whitepaper highlighted how building enclosure material selection can make a big impact on reducing embodied carbon in buildings – an important factor considering building materials and construction are responsible for 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
The study conducted by architectural research and planning firm KieranTimberlake focused on embodied carbon and how materials regularly used in commercial and industrial building construction measure up, when put to the test. The firm performed a life cycle assessment of four different industrial claddings on a model building in Philadelphia – mineral fiber insulated metal panels, insulated concrete, tilt-up concrete and Kingspan QuadCore® insulated metal panels – and found that Kingspan QuadCore® panels contained the lowest embodied carbon levels than all of the wall assemblies studied.
The design and construction of industrial buildings is evolving from forgettable, box-like structures to examples of modern, innovative buildings that combine functionality with aesthetics and sustainability. Kingspan insulated metal panels are increasingly becoming the building envelope materials of choice for the next generation of industrial buildings because of their aesthetics, design flexibility and superior thermal performance.

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