Insulated Metal Panels are Best-in-Class for Educational Facilities

Today, many of the United States’ 130,930 K-12 schools are well past their prime with the average school building now reaching 42 years old. Dated and deteriorating, many of these buildings need to be modernized or rebuilt. According to a Government Accountability Office report, an estimated 54% of public-school districts need to update or replace multiple building systems in their schools.
As these schools go through renovations or are rebuilt, architects and designers are focusing on creating better spaces for students to learn. Those efforts include integrating insulated metal panels into these designs to improve sustainability, build healthier buildings and provide a more modern design aesthetic.

Top of the class for sustainability

In the U.S., K-12 schools represent 5% of commercial building energy consumption, expend $8 billion in utility bills and annually emit 72 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. To reduce their carbon footprint, the educational sector will need to prioritize greener options in new building designs, upgrades and renovations.
Insulated metal panels are a perfect choice to help educational institutions decarbonize and meet their sustainability goals. With high R-values, these panels provide the superior thermal performance that significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs. Insulated metal panels are a sustainable, green building solution that come with high performance benefits for schools.
With far lower levels of embodied carbon than other building enclosure solutions, Kingspan’s QuadCore® insulated metal panel technology can also help schools meet or exceed current energy codes and contribute toward achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Building Rating System.

Smarter choice of healthier buildings

Making smart building material choices that protect health and wellbeing is critically important in schools to safeguard children who spend many of their waking hours there. In the U.S., students spend 1,000 hours each year in school.
With their high thermal efficiency, insulated metal panels are a healthy building material choice, protecting building occupant health by reducing harmful moisture and mold. This thermal performance also allows temperatures to be maintained at a more constant level across entire spaces – facilitating improved occupant comfort.
In sensitive environments, like schools, it's vital that the indoor air quality is not compromised by the building materials that make up the structure. GREENGUARD certification ensures that building materials are not harmful to building occupants and don’t adversely impact indoor environment quality (IEQ) by screening products for over 360 volatile organic compounds (VOC) and total chemical emissions.
Products that bear the GREENGUARD Gold Certification mark can help earn credits in rating programs like the Collaborative for High Performance Schools Best Practices Manual for K-12 schools and U.S. Green Building Council's LEED rating system. Insulated metal panels with QuadCore® have achieved an additional Red List-Free classification – keeping toxic chemicals out of the built environment, and in the case of schools, away from students.

Grade A+ for design flexibility

Architects are integrating innovative building materials to design schools that are inspiring places for children to learn. Modernized designs that include interesting shapes and plays on natural light can create striking school buildings that engage learners.
Insulated metal panels are one of the innovative building materials architects are using to design school buildings with the right aesthetic which communicates a fresh, modernized look. That’s because insulated metal panels provide the ultimate in design flexibility including a wide range of palette and profile options.
Kingspan’s insulated metal panels come in an infinite range of panel lengths, widths, core thicknesses, color options and finishes and can be installed vertically or horizontally, making them easy to integrate into any school or educational facility design.
With the new Accent Fin™ used to highlight facilities like the Toronto Montessori School, there is added design flexibility, allowing architects more freedom. The school used the Accent Fin™ in a triangle shape to showcase the triangular design on the building’s exterior, inspiring creative minds.
When it comes to sustainability, healthier buildings and design flexibility in educational buildings, insulated metal panels are best-in-class.

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