Cracking the Code: Delivering on Industrial Building Design and Thermal Performance

The boxy and uninspiring look of industrial buildings such as production plants, distribution centers, industrial parks, and self-storage facilities no longer satisfy some local building codes. Some have evolved to require a more modern, upscale look in the design of these facilities.
Advances in building materials, like insulated metal panels, are helping transform these buildings, allowing architects and designers to create structures that deliver high-end design and superior thermal performance to satisfy increasingly stringent local building code requirements.
When it comes to the design of industrial and commercial buildings, massive scale, uniform and impersonal industrial buildings that lack visual interest or aren’t consistent with a community’s identity and character may not comply with some local building code requirements. While building codes vary from municipality to municipality, many codes now require industrial building design solutions that deliver attractive and integrated design features consistent with a community’s image that raise overall property values, and attract new businesses and residents.
Local building codes are also becoming increasingly stringent on standards for energy efficiency, requiring new buildings to be highly energy efficient with low greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, architects and designers are selecting sustainable building materials that maintain building comfort and functionality while reducing energy consumption.
The variations in codes and standards across many municipalities can make it challenging for architects, specifiers and designers to select building materials that meet specific local requirements.
Building materials like Kingspan’s insulated metal panels make it easy to deliver design solutions and superior thermal performance that meet the most stringent building codes. Kingspan’s insulated metal panels offer design flexibility with a wide range of finishes and colors that can conform to any community design aesthetic and provide building envelope technologies that feature high R-values, superior air and weather tightness, and low thermal bridging, resulting in energy cost savings and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
Several industrial buildings in Ontario, Canada, illustrate how designers are using Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels to deliver great design and superior energy efficiency that satisfy local code requirements.

Dymon Storage, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Designers of this 250,000 square foot storage facility located in a high visibility area in Brampton, Ontario used Kingspan KS Series panels in Pewter, Dark Bronze and Weathered Zinc as well as Kingspan’s new Accent Fin™ blade options to create a sleek upscale retail look that satisfied local ordinances. These panels also deliver the high thermal performance critical for maintaining constant climate conditions in a self-storage setting.

Vaultra Storage Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Located in a fashion forward area, which is home to furniture manufacturers and interior design firms, the design of Vaultra Storage in Toronto, Ontario had to meet strict municipal codes for seamlessly integrating into this area. Architects used three different Kingspan insulated metal panels - Kingspan’s KS Series in Mini Micro-Rib profile, along with Optimo® and KarrierPanel - to create a striking 25,884-square-foot facility that uses texture and contrasting colors to make the building stand out and impress local planners.

Gay Lea Foods, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

This 123,720 square foot project challenged architects to create a large freezer building that met city requirements for more visually appealing buildings along Ontario’s main streets and highways. The project architect selected KS Shadowline and KS Shadowline Interior insulated metal panels for the freezer building, which not only provide the highest R-value for controlled environments and cold storage needs, but create an exterior design aesthetic that satisfied local design codes for new buildings.       
Kingspan insulated metal panels are ideal for all types of commercial and industrial buildings. High-performing and aesthetically pleasing, these panels help architects, specifiers and designers crack the code for compliance with local building requirements, meeting the highest standards for design and energy efficiency.

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