Earth Day: Investing in Our Planet is an Investment in Our Future

Earth Day, celebrated each year on April 22, is aimed at raising awareness of environmental challenges and galvanizing climate action. For the past 52 years, Earth Day has served as a reminder of our collective responsibility to take better care of our planet and a wake-up call on the critical need for action each and every day to combat climate change.
This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest In Our Planet.” Urging everyone - businesses, governments, and citizens to make a difference, EARTHDAY.ORG emphasizes that it’s going to take all of us in a partnership for the planet to solve the climate crisis and build a sustainable future.
Investing in our planet means changing the status quo in terms of the way we consume, process, and dispose of materials. For businesses, this means moving away from the take, make, waste approach to production and consumption and toward a circular economy by keeping products and resources in use for as long as possible. Long term commitments to and investments in renewable energy, reducing waste, recycling and upcycling can all contribute to a circular economy and improve the health of our environment.
Manufacturers can step up in each of these areas to combat climate change and make a positive impact. That’s just what Kingspan’s ten-year global sustainability program, Planet Passionate, is working to do.
A focus on renewable energy is helping reduce carbon emissions and slash embodied carbon in our insulated metal panels. Our plant in Columbus, Ohio, uses direct-to-grid wind energy, while our plant in Modesto, California, has a PV solar roof installed to offset 40% of the electricity demand.
Diverting waste from the landfill is also helping protect our environment. A pilot program in our DeLand, Florida plant is diverting 86% of waste from the landfill by separating waste into nine different streams, allowing for recycling or upcycling.
Recycling and upcycling to improve circularity is happening in a variety of other ways as well.
In Kingspan’s Modesto, California production facility, QuadCore insulation core is formulated with ingredients from recycled PET bottles, which promotes circular manufacturing by re-using plastic waste to make new energy-efficient products.  Kingspan Insulated Panls also partners with BelterTech in Atlanta, Georgia, who creates products such as ceiling tiles from discarded insulation foam.. Even old manufacturing equipment in California has been reused for bridge projects in the Pacific Northwest. 
It’s not only businesses that need to take action to combat climate change. As individuals we also have a key role to play in the partnership for protecting our planet. From organizing a community cleanup to switching to reusable bags to skipping plastic and buying glass or paper products to using environmentally friendly cleaning products, there is so much we can do to combat climate change. If each one of us invests a little time and thought in practicing a simple green act each day, we can collectively make a big impact.
As the effects of climate change continue to ravage the earth, it is important to remember on Earth Day and every day that any investment in sustainability is an investment in our future.

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