The Daytona International Speedway Represents a Retrofit in Action

Daytona International Speedway is a place that makes a big impression, fast. The gargantuan 500-acre, one-mile-long “World Center of Racing” is nearly impossible to miss. Daytona International Speedway is a monument to racing in America. It’s the venue that kicks off the NASCAR racing season each year, where the biggest names start their engines.
In 2013, history was made once again in Daytona with the start of a major renovation, known as DAYTONA Rising. The $400 million retrofit project preserved the nearly 60-year-old venue, revamped the fan experiences and brought the famous speedway into the 21st century by adding energy-efficient features.
The International Speedway Corporation chose Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels for their eye-popping designs, high thermal performance and sustainability. DAYTONA Rising used more than 125,000 square feet of Kingspan Optimo panels and BENCHMARK Designwall 2000 architectural wall panels. The use of the embossed insulated metal panels (IMPs) gave the existing Daytona International Speedway a fresh look on both the outside and the interior with bold colors and dynamic curves.

IMPs Play a Major Role in the Project

While fans are focused on the track, IMPs play a critical, invisible role in reducing the Speedway’s carbon footprint, while retaining the heritage and memories that are part of the fabric of the track. DAYTONA Rising added solar panels and one of the largest HVAC units in the nation with variable refrigerant flow. The whole package works together to keep fans cool in the redesigned injectors without putting a strain on the energy grid.

A Big Win for Energy Efficiency

It’s all about the speed each year during the Daytona 500. The construction process itself was no different. The Speedway remained fully operational during the two-and-a-half-year construction process. The use of IMPs on the existing structure was a win-win for the environment and the International Speedway Corporation. The IMPs were quick to install, making an immediate impact on the building’s environmental friendliness. In addition, the panels were brought from Kingspan’s DeLand facility, a mere 17-mile journey that cut down on the carbon generated by transporting building materials.
In an industry that contributes to 39 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, the green flag does not have to wave at the start of a new build. We’re in a race against time to protect our environment. In order to inch closer to a win, it’s critical to assess how energy efficiency can be added to existing buildings at each turn.

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