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Beyond Gray Matter


QuadCore means color

It's true that the magic of QuadCore lies in the gray cells, but on the outside, our QuadCore line can open up a world of color to your next design projects.

A broad spectrum of possibilities

Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels Color
Insulated Metal Panels can bring almost any design vision to life. With a plethora of eye-catching colors to choose from, including numerous conservative colors as well, Kingspan has the perfect shade of color to fit the attitude of your next project, no matter what designs you need to bring to life.

Whether you are an avant-garde artist working on a cutting-edge architectural masterpiece, or an architect in charge of creating a modern retail store that still fits in with a traditional set of brand guidelines, we have the perfect solution for you.

Insulated Metal Panels are synonymous with industrial projects – warehouses, food storage facilities, research centers, campuses, airports, and other similar structures.  Even though Kingspan offers solutions that are perfect for these applications, insulated metal panels also offer design flexibility for other needs as well.  From retail stores to sports stadiums – Kingspan can do it all.

For example, we can craft unique aesthetic solutions for a wide range of projects.  From NBA practice facilities to small-town Boys and Girls clubs, we have the products that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any building type.

With a wide variety of colors, we can create designs that turn heads and create a lasting impression.

We have many traditional white and gray colors as well, if you need something more traditional.  With over 18 unique grays to choose from, we have panels in shades that fit the demands of any design project.

Our QuadCore range is the perfect complement to cutting-edge design

The Kingspan QuadCoreTM range of insulated wall and roof panel systems offer superior environmental and fire performance, backed by a 40-year thermal and structural performance warranty, and are available in a multitude of colors.

When incorporating color into building designs, it is vitally important to balance stimulus and concentration, uniqueness and universality. After all, buildings are both designed to meet their occupants’ needs and to fit into, or stand out from, the landscape that surrounds them – both functionally and aesthetically.

Kingspan Panels bring your designs to life, no matter what color.

The world is full of color.  Sometimes, designers need something exotic to evoke certain emotions.  Other times, architects may need something more conservative.  Although gray panels are synonomous with industrial designs, some architects are seeking out organic grays to add balance, harmony, and general appeal to their buildings.

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