KS1150 TC | NC coldstore wall panel

KS1150 TC, KS1150 NC, coldstore panel, wall panel

Product overview

KS1150 NC / TC wall panels are supplied as standard without sealing tapes in the lock. Designed for applications where sealant or tape is to be applied to the lock.

  • Appropriate type of panel for external and internal wall and ceiling applications.
  • Use for cold stores, freezers and fire protection structures.
  • Wall panels are designed for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Standard lengths are available from 2 m to 13,5 m (max. 18 m)
  • FM Global certification
  • Standard fastening method - visible anchor elements
  • Modular width 1 150 mm or 1 000 mm
KS1150 (1000) NC / TC wall panels are manufactured with an IPN or QuadCore™ rigid foam insulation core offering markets top thermal and fire protection properties.

The type of sealing material is chosen depending on the application (eg for food, refrigeration, freezer or fire protection applications).

The facade system allows design in fire-resistant structures with high fire resistance up to 30 minutes.

Metal sheet options

Build Speed

Building wall with a single component versus constructing with a multilayered wall solution, offers clear benefits in time and other efficiencies. When you combine the benefits of a single source supplier for the complete insulated wall panel system; including tophat detailing, pre-formed corners and their application to cold-rolled steel products again from the same source, the benefits of  product compatablity and performance further add to an efficient build and end product.

System Accessories & Services

Dedicated Technical Support is availalable throughout the building cycle, pre- and post manufacture.
Contact us for complimentary services including: U Value/ Condensation risk calculation, project specific NBS specifications, bespoke construction detail, advice on fire & accoustic performance, panel spans, fastener & roof drainage calculations, optimised lighting designs, building energy modelling & Installation Training.
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