KS1000 X-DEK large span roof panel

KS1000 X-DEK large span roof panel, PIR panel, PUR panel, IPN panel

Product overview

X-Dek™ with IPN core insulation (PIR) meets the load capacity, strength and thickness of the thermal insulation. Suitable for all types of buildings, which have a roof slope greater than 0.5 °.
  • Very good carrying capacity for large spans and high loads
  • Excellent fire performance
  • Also suitable for green vegetation roofs
  • In terms of statics, they can be considered as a reinforcing element of a roof structure
  • Modular width 1000mm
  • Insulation Core Thickness 80mm, 100mm
  • Standard lengths from 2.5-13.5 m (max. Up to 15m)
  • Lower support plate in thicknesses of 0.9mm or 1.1mm
The main advantage of the KS1000 X-dek™ roof system is its high load bearing capacity, along with its low weight and good thermal insulation properties.

The low weight of the X-dek™ panels, which is 16-25 kg / m2 depending on the type and thickness of the sheet, does not burden the load-bearing structure and makes assembly easier. The assembly is really fast - up to 600 m² panels assembled per day.

Kingspan KS1000 X-DEK Installation guide

Technical details

Dimensions and weight
Insulation core
Packaging and delivery
Handling, storage and assembly
Quality and warranty
X-dek™ composite roof panel meets the load capacity, strength and thickness of the thermal insulation. According to panel type selection, the external waterproofing layer (roofing) is either applied to a building or is already part of a production panel (type XM).
  • Minimum slope of roof structure 0.5 ° (1%).
  • Thickness of lower carrier sheet 0,9 or 1,1 mm.
  • Spacing between load-bearing structure goes up to 7.5 m depending on load, panel variance and sheet thickness.
  • Can be used for green vegetation roofs.
  • From a static point of view, they can be considered as a reinforcing element of a roof structure.

Dimensions and weight

Insulation core thickness

d [mm]

Bottom sheet thickness [mm]

Total thickness

D [mm]



    type XD type XM type XB type XG
80 0,9 188 21,4 17,7 15,9 15,8
1,1 208 23,7 20,0 18,2 18,1
100 0,9 188 22,2 18,6 16,8 16,7
1,1 208 24,6 20,9 19,1 19,0

Manufactured panel lengths

The standard panel lengths range from 2.5 to 13.5m. Panels shorter than 2.5 m are cut off at the site. Maximum panels of 15m (over-dimensional traffic to the site) can be delivered. For the possibilities of supplying longer panels, contact Kingspan Customer Service.


All X-dek panels are manufactured with cutbacks on the bottom trapezoidal sheet metal. The standard length of the undercut is 50mm, the maximum length is 630mm.


Internal skin:

Hot-dipped zinc coated steel according to EN 10326:2004. Grade S350GD + Z275 coated with Polyester 25 microns
RAL 9002 – standard thickness 0.9 mm, on special request available 1.1 mm;

External skin:

  • XD Hot-dipped zinc coated steel according to EN 10326:2004. Grade S280GD + Z275 – thickness 0.7 mm – galvanised steel with a 5 microns clear film conversion layer for bonding to. Available profiles on top sheet: MiniBox or Flat
  • XB Bitumen impregnated glass fi bre membrane (TR20) suitable for multi layer torch on systems,
  • XG Glass tissue facing (TR27) suitable for mechanically fixed or fully adhered single ply PVC or EPDM membrane
  • XM Waterproof fl exible PVC membrane with internal woven reinforcing and laminated with a non-woven polyester fleece on back side, ready for hot air welding
    Nominal thickness: 1.2 mm
    Total width: 1,060 mm
    Polyester fleece width: 950 mm

IPN insulation core (PIR)

A strong core of Kingspan for better insulation.
  • Our IPN insulation core made of closed-cell polyurethane hard foam provides an excellent thermal conductivity (lambda value) of 0.0224 W / mK.
  • Good for the environment and good for your customers, our IPN insulation core, with zero ozone depletion potential, shines. In addition, it is CFC / HCFC-free, odorless and safe for the stay and the health.
  • The rigid polyurethane foam reaction is chemically neutral, making it impossible for mold and decay to form.

Insulation properties

Insulation core IPN Thermalsafe
Method of fastening Insulation core thickeness [mm] Heat transfer coefficient U [W/m²K] Heat transfer coefficient U [W/m²K]
to the bottom plate 80 0,23 0,223
100 0,19 0,183

Throughout the thickness

(only XD)

80 0,24  
100 0,20  

Fire resistance

For X-dek ™ sandwich panels with IPN core insulation and standard coating, no burning or non-burning particles leak.

  Fire resistance according to EN 13501-2
Insulation core thickness [mm] XD XM XB XG
80 *REI 15-30 *REI 15-30 *REI15 *REI15
100 *REI 30 *REI 30 *REI20

Acoustic properties

Panel type Parameters according to EN ISO 717-1
Sound reduction index RW [dB] RA1 [dB] RA2 [dB]
XD 26 25 22
XM, XB 23 22 20
XG 24 23 21

Sound absorption αw = 0,1

Rw - Sound reduction index

Certificates and reports

Kingspan panels are certified according to various requirements (building, fire, thermal, mechanical, static, acoustic, etc.) and under different application conditions. For more information, please contact Kingspan.

Standard packaging - road transport

In order to increase the transport capacity, X-DEK RW panels are stored on polystyrene blocks and the wooden pallets are stored on external pages to each other. The walls of the bundle are protected by foamed polystyrene boards. The entire bundle is wrapped in a polyethylene film.

The number of panels in the bundle depends on the thickness of the panels as shown in the table below. The number of panels in the bundle that are longer than the standard maximum length decreases proportionally.

The standard package height is up to 1,100 m.

Thickness of panel insulation core [mm]



Number of panels in the package




Unless otherwise stated, all panels are delivered by road to the building site.
The customer is responsible for the unloading. More detailed information on the transport, handling and storage of panels for delivery to the construction site can be found in the Technical Guide brochure or, if requested, at Kingspan Technical Department..

Unloading and handling

The consignee is obliged to ensure proper unloading according to the handling instructions available on the bundles. It is the responsibility of the transporter to enter a record on the delivery note of the handling method.

When manipulating the panel bundles, it is necessary to follow the storage and handling instructions contained in each bundle of panels.

To ensure the safe assembly of the panel bundles, appropriate mechanisms and aids (especially depending on the length of the panels), spacers, textile straps, etc. should be used.


When storing, it is necessary to prevent the accumulation of water between the panels, to prevent  excessive loading of the panels, and to protect them against the direct effects of sunlight, rain and dust.

Assembly of panels

The procedures and instructions for mounting the panels are available at Kingspan Technical Department. We can provide you with professionally trained installation staff.

For detailed information on unloading, storage, handling and installation, refer to the Technical Manual.

Design principles and requirements

The bearing support structure to which panels are mounted to, must have an accuracy and flatness required according to DIN EN 1090-2 + A1 (Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures - Part 2: Technical requirements for steel structures). Although this standard applies to steel constructions, Kingspan requires the corresponding tolerance values to be used for other types of supporting structures supporting X-decks (eg concrete and timber constructions).


Kingspan insulating sandwich panels are made from the highest quality materials and, using the latest manufacturing technology, they meet the stringent quality control requirements, as well as ISO9001: 2010 standards. The panels guarantee long service life and reliability.

Construction regulations

Kingspan Sandwich Insulating Panels comply with applicable building regulations and standards and meet the requirements of European harmonized standard EN 14509: Self-supporting sandwich panels with thermal insulation and surface sheets - Prefabricated products - Specifications.


The Kingspan guarantees are individually assessed for each project, and are especially dependent on the aggressiveness of the environment and the type of surface treatment chosen.

Content notice

Although Kingspan believes that all information provided on this website and its published publications is correct and complete, it is not possible to rely on the appropriateness of their use in all specific cases. All information, advice, and recommendations are provided only as a tool for the user, provided that Kingspan, its employees or agents are not responsible for any damages resulting from their use.

Laws, regulations, standards, government regulations, issued certificates and protocols or other regulations and regulations may change over time. For additional and up-to-date information, contact Kingspan Technical Department.

Featured Projects

Panel variants

XD/Metal sheet, XM, XM/PVC, XB and XG

X-dek ™ XD type

It is a sandwich panel with surface sheets on both sides of the insulating core. In this case, the waterproofing PVC foil is mechanically anchored to the top sheet at a thickness of 0.7 mm (application during assembly). This is the most feasible option of the X-dek ™ panel.

X-dek ™ XM type

An alternative sandwich panel with carrier plate on its interior. From the outside, we apply PVC foil to the insulating core in the production, which forms the final waterproofing cover (supplied with a 100 mm overhang in a direction perpendicular to the length of the panel). Always cover the transverse joints with the PVC strip (not part of the panel) during assembly.

X-dek ™ type XB and XG

  • XB - an alternative sandwich panel with carrier plate on its interior. On the outer surface of the insulating core we already apply a bitumen-impregnated base layer, which serves as a base for setting bituminous roofing (applied during assembly).
  • XG - an alternative sandwich panel with a carrier plate on its interior. On the outer surface of the insulation core we apply a substrate for the application of waterproofing PVC membrane (applied during assembly). You can mechanically anchor the PVC foil to the bottom panel of the panel or stick it flat.


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