KS1000 FF roof panel

KS1000 FF trapezoidal roof panel, mineral wool panel

Product overview

Insulated sandwich panels with mineral wool cores meet the strictest fire resistance requirements, while also complying with the required insulation properties and maintaining a good bearing capacity.
  • Roof panels with trapezoidal sheets
  • High fire resistance REI 90-120 DP1
  • Classification in terms of the performance of roofs in external fire BROOF (t3)
  • A2-s1, d0: the reaction class to fire.
  • Mineral wool insulation core
  • Fire reaction class A2-s1, d0 (according to EN 13501-1)
  • Fire resistance - REI 90 DP1 from a thickness of 80mm, Broof classification (t3)
  • Standard lengths in the range of 2-7m for thickness of 60mm and 2-10m for thickness of 80-200mm
Panels are designed for sloping roofs with a minimum slope of 5 ° respectively. Panels with 8 ° slopes can be designed where necessary to create a transverse joint.

The main advantage of these mineral wool panels is their high fire resistance. This type of panel can therefore be used in the location of fire bands and DP1 types.

Flames do not spread over the standard surface finish of a KS1000 FF and lose particles, either burning or non-burning, does not occur during a fire.

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Technical details

Dimensions and weight
Insulation core
Packaging and delivery
Handling, storage and assembly
Quality and warranty

KS1000 FF is a trapezoidal formed roof system with a standard fastening method (through fixed) and a mineral fibre insulation core, which is applicable for all building applications, where the roof slope is:

  • More than 5° (8.5%) for roofs with one panel in the slope direction;
  • More than 8° (14%) for roofs with two or more panels in the slope direction.

The FF panel with high fire performance can also be used for wall claddings.

d – core thickness [mm]







D – overall dimension [mm]







Weight [kg/m²]







Product Tolerances

Panel Length


Panel Length l ≤ 3000mm

± 5mm

Panel Length l > 3000mm

± 10mm

Panel Width

± 2mm

Panel Thickness


Panel Thickness d ≤ 100mm

± 2mm

Panel Thickness d > 100mm

± 2 %

Squareness of the cut end s ≤ 0,6% of the panel width


Panel bow


2mm/m long, but not more than 10mm


8,5mm/m wide with a flat profiles – h ≤ 10mm


10mm/m wide with an other profiles – h > 10mm


Available Lengths

The standard panel length is between 2 and 10 meters (when 60 mm thick than it is max 7 m). Panels shorter than 2 m are cut on site. Please contact your Kingspan sales partner for additional information.

Panel End Lap Cut Back

  • Cut Back - Unseparated and Uncut, should only be inserted with the separating tape!
  • If the panel connection project requires a sloping roof, then  the panels are fitted overlapping each other.

KS1000 FF is supplied as standard without Cutback. If required, it is possible to produce panels with stripping tape applied on the exterior sheet to create a subsection that is 200-250mm long (the cutting off the bottom sheet and the removal of the mineral insulation is to be done on site).

When ordering, it is necessary to state whether the panels are to be manufactured with the separation tape applied. In the order, the length of the future subsection should be specified, establishing whether it is a left or right panel - according to the design of the roof structure.

When placing the panel with a trapezoidal sheet upwards with the cut turned toward you, the left panel is the one that has a free longitudinal wave on the left. In this case, the mounting direction is from left to right (it is recommended to mount against the direction of prevailing winds).

Dachpaneele Kingspan KS1000 FF - Elementrückschnitt


Galvanic protection options

  • Hot-dip zinc coated steel with a total of 275 g / m2 of zinc, according to EN 10147:2000. This can be finished with a number of coatings – Polyester, Spectrum™, PVDF and Foodsafe finishes.

Substrate thicknesses

  • Standard external sheet thickness 0.50 mm.
  • Standard internal sheet thickness 0.40 mm.
  • Other thicknesses are available by arrangement with Kingspan.

Surface treatment options - outer sheet

Standard Polyester - PES
Surface protection in the form of a polyester varnish applied in a nominal thickness of 25 μm on hot galvanized steel sheet. Surface treatment suitable for common outdoor environments. This is Kingspan standard surface finish.

Kingspan Spectrum™ is a 50μm Polyurethane semi-gloss coated finish with a slight granular effect.It offers outstanding durability, is weather and UV-resistant, is not prone to corrosion and admirably retains its high color & gloss characterstics. Its superior flexibility enables high resistance against mechanical damages. Kingspan Spectrum is available in a wide range of solid and metallic colours. Furthermore it is free of clorine, phtalates and plasticizers and 100% recyclable. There are more coatings available on request.

Surface treatment options - inner sheet

Polyester inner - PEI
A polyester layer for normal indoor environments with a nominal thickness of 15 μm. The standard color is gray-white (similar to RAL 9002).

Standard Polyester - PES
Polyester is a versatile and cost-effective coating for normal indoor and outdoor use. The nominal layer thickness is 25 μm.

The surface of this 150 μm thick polymer coating is non-toxic and resistant to mould. It is durable and easy to clean. It is chemically inert and safe for continuous contact with unpacked food. The standard colour is white. Kingspan may be consulted on  the availablity of other colours. Other coating systems can become available once discussed with Kingspan. Plain and coloured aluminium is available on a project specific basis. Contact Kingspan Technical Services for more information.

For further surface treatments, consult Kingspan Technical Department.


Factory Applied Side Joint Tape. All KS1000 FF panel side joints have factory applied anticondensation seal fitted into the groove to automatically seal the joint between panels.

The standard sealing tape in the longitudinal overlapping wool with the butyl tape applied during the assembly can be replaced on request or as prescribed in the implementation documentation. In case of higher steam resistance requirements (especially under higher relative humidity conditions in the interior), it is recommended to apply a sealant or sealing tape to the beak of the longitudinal lock on the interior side of the panel.

The connection of the panels in the transverse joint is carried out by applying a butyl sealing tape to the undercut. This tape is not included in the delivery of the panels and must be ordered separately.

Mineral wool insulation

For reliable protection you can build on the minerals the insulation core provides.

With a bulk density> 100 kg / m3, safety is guaranteed for projects with high fire protection requirements (building material class A - non-combustible).
Good soundproofing and insulation properties
Reacts chemically neutral, making the formation of mold and putrefaction impossible.


Insulation core thickness


















Thermal Insulation according to EN ISO 10211-2


Kingspan insulated sandwich panels are immune to attack from mould, fungi, mildew and vermin. No urea formaldehyde is used in the construction, and the panels are nondeleterious.


The system is classified as A2-s1,d0 according EN13501-1.

Insualtion core thickness 

Fire Resistance according

DIN EN 13501-1




REI 90 DP1

REI 120 DP1



REI 120 DP1


REI 90 DP1



Panel Core Thickness


Sound reduction index
Rw [dB]











Standard packaging - road transport

In order to increase the transport capacity, FF panels are stored on polystyrene blocks and the wooden pallets are stored on external pages (i.e., trapezes) to each other. The walls of the bundle are protected by foamed polystyrene boards. The entire bundle is wrapped in a polyethylene film.

The number of panels in the bundle depends on the thickness of the panels as shown in the table below. The number of panels in the bundle, longer than the standard maximum length, decreases proportionally.

The standard package height is up to 1,100 m.

Thickness of panel insulation core [mm]







Number of panels in the package








Unless otherwise stated, all panels are delivered by road to the building site.
The customer is responsible for the unloading. More detailed information on the transport, handling and storage of panels for delivery to the construction site can be found in the Technical Guide brochure or, if requested, at Kingspan Technical Department..

Unloading and handling

The consignee is obliged to ensure proper unloading according to the handling instructions available on the bundles. It is the responsibility of the transporter to enter a record of a delivery note on the handling method.

When manipulating the panel bundles, it is necessary to follow the storage and handling instructions contained in each bundle of panels.

To ensure the safe assembly of the panel bundles, appropriate mechanisms and aids (especially depending on the length of the panels), spacers, textile straps, etc. should be used.


When storing, it is necessary to prevent the accumulation of water between the panels, excessive loading of the panels and to protect them against the direct effects of sunlight, rain and dust.

Assembly of panels

The procedures and instructions for mounting the panels are available at Kingspan Technical Department. We can provide you with professionally trained installation staff.

For detailed information on unloading, storage, handling and installation, refer to the Technical Manual.


Kingspan insulating sandwich panels are made from the highest quality materials and, using the latest manufacturing technology, meet the stringent quality control requirements as well as the  ISO9001: 2010 standards. The panals guarantee long service life and reliability.

Construction regulations

Kingspan Sandwich Insulating Panels comply with applicable building regulations and standards and meet the requirements of European harmonized standard EN 14509: Self-supporting sandwich panels with thermal insulation and surface sheets - Prefabricated products - Specifications.


The Kingspan guarantees are individually assessed for each project, especially depending on the aggressiveness of the environment and the type of surface treatment chosen.

Content notice

Although Kingspan believes that all information provided on this website and its published publications is correct and complete, it is not possible to rely on the appropriateness of their use in all specific cases. All information, advice, and recommendations are provided only as a tool for the user, provided that Kingspan, its employees or agents are not responsible for any damages resulting from their use.

Laws, regulations, standards, government regulations, issued certificates and protocols or other regulations and regulations may change over time. For additional and up-to-date information, contact Kingspan Technical Department.

Kingspan Spectrum (PUR) - Standard colors
Kingspan Spectrum (PUR) - Premium colors
Kingspan Spectrum (PES) - Standard colors

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