Roof Panel Systems

Roof Panel Systems

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Roof systems with optimal thermal insulation properties

Choose the best technically fitting and most advanced roof solution that Kingspan insulating panels offer you for your projects. Our sandwich roof panels for sloping and flat roofs with an IPN FireSafe and QuadCore™ foam core or a mineral wool core provide excellent thermal insulation and fire performance, offering additional benefits in the form of fast, reliable and simple assembly.

We recommend to build your project in combination with the original Kingspan accessories.

Kingspan RoofTile panel
KS1000 RT

Installation video


Installation of a prefabricated built-in upstand with rooflight dome



Kingspan thermal Performance
Only a high-quality air-tight building envelope reduces heat losses. With the excellent insulation properties of the Kingspan systems, you can ensure excellent thermal performance for your customers. And the better control of internal climatic conditions saves energy, costs and CO2 emissions.

Crucial for effective building envelope are the benefits of each individual component. That is why our Kingspan roof and wall systems not only offer convincing properties on paper. Despite their low weight, they show a high stiffness, strength and load-bearing capacity, which also allow large support widths. Another strength: Kingspan roofing systems make it easier to plan and manage transfers. This allows you to rely on the outstanding performance.

Quick and easy assembly

Quick and easy assembly

Compared to the solid construction, you benefit from a significantly faster assembly and shorter construction time. With the enclosed building envelope, you can then start directly with the interior design and your customer is looking forward to the perfect result.

The combination of long panel lengths and the advantageous weight make an economical construction possible, which saves time and money.

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