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Kingspan QuadCore technology

With the intelligent connection of internal and external perspectives, we have achieved a scientific breakthrough: the development of our revolutionary QuadCore™ foam.

The extraordinary insulation core offers completely new advantages. As a powerful core of our insulated wall panels, it provides the best thermal performance in the industry, excellent fire protection, improved environmental performance and a guarantee of 40 years of thermal performance.

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The unique insulating technology at the heart of QuadCore™ improves whole building performance. Calculate thermal efficiency and learn more about its fire and environmental performance for your project.

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Products with QuadCore technology

Thermal performance

20% more insulation performance is unique. How it works? With a superior thermal conductivity (lambda value) of only 0.018 W / mK.

20% better performance

IPN QuadCore 20% better performance
The graph shows the required core thickness to achieve a U-value of 0.20 W / m²K. QuadCore™ requires only a thickness of 9cm, while mineral wool needs more than twice as much insulation material to achieve the same U-value.

Due to the thinner element, advantages in the transport, accessories and storage area can arise.

Energy consideration

We have extensively calculated the influence of an optimized cold store panel on the required cooling requirements.

Starting position: logistics warehouse

Affected rooms (LxWxH): 72.6 x 52.1 x 9.1m (about 6 000 m2)
  Installed cooling capacity Share transmissions
Cooling capacity 480kW 97 kW/ 20,2%
  QuadCore™ Technology Comparative element
Panel thickness 170mm 170mm
U-value 0,11 W/m2k 0,14 W/m2k



Sandwich elements with QuadCore™ technology achieve substantial cost and energy savings.

Cooling capacity for transmission
97 kW
Savings (20 %) 19.4 kW
Saved on cooling approx. 102,000 kWh / year
(Assumed utilization rate 60%)
Electric energy saved approx. 44,000 kWh / year
Employed operating costs saved approx. 7,300 € / year
CO2 emissions saved approx. 26.6 tons / year

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Fire protection

The significant advantages in terms of fire behavior of our Kingspan QuadCore™ Technology: very low flammability, low fire expansion and very low smoke.

Fire behavior

Here is a comparison between panels with QuadCore™ technology and other elements.

Elements with QuadCore™ technology achieve a classification of B-s1, d0. In accordance with DIN 4102-1, this is equivalent to the design approval "hardly inflammable". The smoking behavior is classified with the addition s1 and stands for "very low smoke behavior". The elements are not dripping and are therefore classified with the addition d0.


  QuadCore PIR Standard PUR Standard
Sandwich element B,S1 B,S2 C,S1 or worse

Fire resistance

Here you can see the values of our powerful Kingspan systems in terms of fire resistance in a direct comparison.


  QuadCore™ PIR Standard PUR Standard
EN1364 (120mm) EI 30 (5x6m) EI 30 (3x3m) EI 15 (3x3m)
EN1364 (200mm) EI 60 (without additional constructive measures) EI 60 EI 30

FM Global

To test their outstanding features, Kingspan's FM-certified insulated wall panels with QuadCore™ technology go far beyond tests as non-FM-certified wall panels.

  Description QuadCore PIR Standard PUR Standard
FM4880 Application insulated roof, wall, ceiling systems Yes Yes No
FM4881 Application Exterior wall systems Yes Yes Possible


We at Kingspan have always believed that advanced construction methods must never go at the expense of nature.

Kingspan QuadCore Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building

QuadCore™ is produced without CFCs / HCFCs and other components that contribute to global warming. The Quadcore products score a zero-waste strategy in sustainable building certification systems. QuadCore™ can be a key contribution to certification by institutes such as DGNB, LEED, BREEAM or Greenstar.
Kingspan QuadCore Recycling Graphic


QuadCore 40years Guarantee

Energy efficiency, durability, functionality and sustainability are some of the keywords that are mentioned in relation to the building envelope. But above all, a building envelope must offer comfort and safety.

We guarantee that the thermal performance in 40 years regardless of changes in environment and nature still corresponds to the installed condition.
QuadCore™ brochure

Kingspan QuadCore™ brochure

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