Sunizer super-reflex pipe

Sunizer super-reflex pipe

Product overview

SUNIZER skylight brings daylight into the building with a super-reflex pipe. In this revolutionary way, you can brighten the space inside the building even in places where you can not, for technical reasons, design ordinary window lighting.

With adjustable piping, you can transport high-intensity light even over the ceiling or ceiling structure. Fresnel lenses are mounted on the lower cover to increase the intensity of the sun's rays passing through the system and to concentrate them in one particular location. SUNIZER is supplied as prefabricated product fitted directly in roof insulating panels. Thanks to this, we can guarantee you a high quality and perfect design as well as easy assembly.
  • SUNIZER is located directly in the KS1000 RW and KS1000 FF sandwich panels
  • Inlet pipe diameter: 430 or 530 mm
  • Illumination of the room: 9 - 47 m²
  • Excellent enhancement of intensity and scattering with Fresnel lenses
  • Night mode - the system can be supplemented with LEDs or fluorescent lamps
  • Energy saving during the day is up to 90%
SUNIZER is a tubular light system to help you bring in intense light to a designated location in the building. This also minimizes the cost of lighting. The light guide is a top box with an insulating triple glazing mounted directly on the panel. Glass allows access to the solar rays of the inlet tubing that directs the light to a specific location in the object. Another part is the lower diffuser with Fresnel lenses, which guarantees a smooth dispersion of the sun's rays into the room.

Supplied as the complete system including penetration for the insulating panel. The product is easily inserted into the load-bearing structure between the roof panels. This makes the light system fully compatible with our insulating panels.

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