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Roof penetrations and skylights

Product overview

We offer aluminum upstands for installation on KS1000 RW or KS1000 FF roof panels. It will enable you to solve sealing issues on the roofs without any problems.

It is a prefabricated product that does not require any special finishing work. Thanks to our upstands and skylights we can offer you a system solution without disturbing the uniform appearance of the roof.

In addition to the aluminum program, we offer also solutions for flat roof for X-DEK panels.
  • Roof window penetrations in various dimensions:
  • 78 × 98 cm
  • 78 × 118 cm
  • 78 × 140 cm
  • 78 × 160 cm
The roof penetrations are delivered as insulated and fitted directly to the KS1000 RW or KS1000 FF panels.

Ve produce circular or rectangular shapes,
  • circular at a maximum diameter of 1,8 m
  • rectangular are delivered in a maximum size of 2 m²
Welded penetrations in aluminum sheet, which follows the trapezoidal profile panel RW or FF.

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Special penetrations

For RW, FF, TOP-DEK, X-DEK (comaxite surface). Fire damper of SO2 pipe with thermosensor.

Example of thermal characteristic

penetration size[cm]  U [W/m2K]
100 × 100 2,7
100 × 200 2,7
120 × 120 2,7

Example of thermal characteristic

penetration size [cm]  U [W/m2K]
100 × 100 2,7
100 × 200 2,7


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System Accessories & Services

Dedicated Technical Support is availalable throughout the building cycle, pre- and post manufacture.
Contact us for complimentary services including: U Value/ Condensation risk calculation, project specific NBS specifications, bespoke construction detail, advice on fire & accoustic performance, panel spans, fastener & roof drainage calculations, optimised lighting designs, building energy modelling & Installation Training.
Trapezoidal Roof System Components

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