Daylight solutions


Product overview

Through use of clever daylight systems that through their special characteristics let in natural light, in addition to improved lighting effects, there are many other positive repercussions on the human being and the work performed.
  • Comfort and increased production
  • Visual well-being
  • Health, vitality and performance
  • Improve the amenity values and significantly reduce overall energy requirements at the same time
  • Good lighting reduces symptoms of fatigue and lessens the probability of error

Daylight solutions - Brochure

Product overview

The wellness factor – daylight: Let the sun in.

It motivates, inspires the senses and is a natural means of perceiving the passage of time for our eyes: Daylight. However the natural brightness not only ensures a good mood, above all it also boosts capacity. Ultimately, on average a person spends approximately 80,000 hours of his life at the workplace. And precisely for this reason, the beautiful radiance from outside should also be permitted to penetrate into the interior of a building and here unfold its positive effect.

Let the sun in for better performance, a wellness climate and greater efficiency. With daylight systems from Kingspan.

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