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Insulated Panels

With the design, development and manufacture of our high-quality insulated panels, fabrications and daylight solutions we create the perfect solution for unique and modern building envelopes.

Our products and services help developers, builders, designers, contractors and insurers, to create cutting edge buildings to achieve energy efficiency, safety and individual, impressive designs. 

Please find below contact details for your country and the website to visit for product information for export.

Contact Details

Country Contact Person Phone number Email

Website for further
product information

Albania Zeljko Djuric +38 765716921 Kingspan Czech Republic
Gibraltar Eddie Lucas
+350 20074567 Kingspan Great Britain
Greece Athanassios Kargias +30 6981859944 Kingspan Czech Republic
Iceland Gisli Rafn Gylfason
Byggingataekni ehf
+354 8633004 Kingspan Great Britain
Macedonia Nemanja Mitrovic +38 1655972005 Kingspan Czech Republic
Malta Claudio Fabiani + 39 334 5030137 Kingspan Great Britain
Montenegro Zeljko Djuric +38 765716921 Kingspan Czech Republic
Republica Moldova Ion Coteata +40 744482941 Kingspan Czech Republic