Benchmark Karrier System

Product Overview

The heart of the BENCHMARK by Kingspan Karrier Systems is the Carrier Panel. We have specially developed these unique insulated sandwich panels for the inclusion of BENCHMARK by Kingspan's various facade systems.

3 steps system

Your individual idea as a complete solution for your construction project in just three simple steps. Choose from the comprehensive range of our Engineered Facade Systems:

  1. The facade (metallic - zinc, stainless steel, COR-TEN, copper, ACM & aluminum or non-metallic - granite, ceramics, cement, HPL, colored glass, wood)
  2. The appropriate supporting structure,
  3. The load-bearing career panel (uniquely insulated sandwich panels)

Benchmark Karrier

Safe and easy to install

QuadCore Karrier provides a weathertight building envelope in a fraction of the time of other systems it can be factory or site installed onto Kingspan SFS studs allowing the build team to remove the façade from the critical path of the build program.

Technical Details

Component thickness 80-150 mm
Element width 1000 mm
Element lenght 2.000-14.500 mm
Insulation core FireSafe IPN or ThermalSafe IPN
U-value 0,15-,29 resp 0,14-0,26
Sheet thicknesses 0,6 outside, 0,4 inside
Surfaces Steel inside micro-rib, inside mini-box
Manufacturing continuous production process

Steel facings

Surface treated steel with a zinc coating weight of 275g / m2, according to DIN EN 10346. The standard plate thickness of the outer covering layer is 0.60 mm. The inner cover layer has a thickness of 0.40 mm.


The elements have a microlinated surface (M profile) on the outside and have a slightly lined profile (Q-Minibox type) on the inside.

Organic Coatings


Polyester is a universal and economical coating system for exterior and interior applications. The nominal coating thickness is 25 μm. Kingspan Spectrum® has a layer thickness of 50μm and has a slightly granulated surface structure. The system offers excellent aging and weathering resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and UV resistance as well as high color and gloss resistance (no chipping). The high formability and the excellent resistance to mechanical damage complete the properties. Spectrum® is free of chlorine, phthalates and plasticizers and is 100% recyclable. Inside polyester coating with a nominal thickness of 15 μm. The standard color is white (similar to RAL 9002). Further coatings and color shades are available on request.

Insulating core

The elements are equipped with a closed-cell insulation core made of FIREsafe IPN hard foam (PIR). The insulation core is absolutely harmless to health, is without ozone-damaging degradation potential (ODP = 0) in strong insulation and both CFC and HCFC free. Optionally, a Kingspan ThermalSafe IPN core with outstanding thermal properties is available.

Sealing tapes

Carrier panel elements offer an anti-condensation sealing tape on the machine side in the longitudinal impact.
Heat protection

For maximum thermal protection performance: Heat transfer coefficients according to EN 14509 A.10


To the environment, our career panel elements react chemically neutral and give mold and rot no chance. The insulating core is, of course, odorless and absolutely safe for your stay and health.

Fire protection and fire behavior

Our career panel elements meet the high requirements and tests of the national technical regulations and standards. The safe fire behavior of the panels with the FireSafe IPN insulation core has been classified according to EN 13501-1 in class B-s1, d0. For further information on fire resistance please contact our technical service department.


Without additional measures, our Carrier panel elements achieve an evaluated noise reduction of Rw = 25dB.

Technical regulations and standards

Our carrier complies with the technical requirements of DIN EN 14509: Self-supporting sandwich elements with metal top layers on both sides. In Germany, the system is approved by the building authorities under the number Z-10.49-581.
Benchmark Karrier assembly
Fantastic facade systems - for fixed results. BENCHMARK Karrier shortens the construction time significantly in order to enable you to implement projects in the best possible way for your customers. Our BENCHMARK Karrier is mounted directly on the substructure. This is followed by the fitting of the supporting structure and the final assembly of the desired façade.
  • Faster closure of the building envelope and the early start of removal work,
  • Less construction rubbish and reduced working time on site,
  • For better execution and processing quality: the system design as a single component reduces the number of work required for assembly,
  • Faster completion of the project through shorter construction time.


We continually monitor the quality of our systems using high-quality materials in state-of-the-art production facilities. They meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000. The certified quality assurance ensures absolute high quality and durability.

Rainscreen Facades


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