Dri-Design Flat on QuadCore Karrier


  •     Fast and simple installation – No sealants, no gaskets required
  •     Minimum components
  •     High quality aesthetics
  •     Wide range of colors and finishes, textures, metals
  •     Cassette types and sizes easily interchange
  •     Self-draining gutter, no streaks, low maintenance 
  •     Fully tested system
  •     Dri-Design can be installed on Benchmark Karrier panel, find out more

Dri-Design rainscreen cassettes

Dri-Design rainscreen facade installs at least twice as fast as comparable systems and can be direct fix or form a ventilated cavity. The rainscreen cassette comes in  three variations plus can be perforated. Stackbond or Stretcher Bond patterns, horizontal or vertical orientation, designers can achieve patterns that are easily interchangeable without the need for complicated rail and bracket systems. Dri-Design is available in a wide range of colours, finishes, textures and five different natural metals*.

(aluminium currently available, corten, steel, copper and zinc available 2019)

Metals available in Dri-Design

Dri-Design Cassette

Dri-Design, by altering the depth to one or four edges, texture and form are easily added to a design.
Dri-Design  Flat

Dri-Design Flat

Dri-Design Flat can be used on its own and is easily interchanged with the other Dri-Design options. No sealants, gaskets or butyl tape in the cassette joints, means no dirty streaks or legacy of maintenance for the building owner.

Dri-Design  Tapered

Dri-Design Tapered

Dri-Design Tapered cassettes can be angled in any direction with varying depths and degree of slope, without the need to modify the substrate or weather barrier.

Dri-Design  Shadow

Dri-Design Shadow

Used alongside Dri-Design Flat, individual Shadow cassettes can be extended at varying depths to create texture or a dynamic variation in patterns.

Lackland AFB, Dri-Design Standard

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