Rainscreen facade systems

Available in highly durable PPC or anodised aluminium in wide range of colours, finishes, sizes and shapes

Rainscreen Facades

For buildings with complex designs, high aesthetics or requiring a ventilated facade, our system provides a rapid build solution with a high level of technical performance. Rainscreen facades offer you a wide range of metallic and non-metallic surface finishes which can be installed over the Kingspan Karrier panel with three types of high-performance insulation cores: IPN or Mineral fibre. 
three steps system, fast and easy assembly

Rainscreen Facade System

Kingspan Rainscreen Facade System provide wide range of metallic and non-metallic surfaces which are attached directly to a sandwich element. The system enables freedom of design together with excellent thermal efficiency.
Dri-Design Flat on QuadCore Karrier

Step 2: Dri-Design cassettes

  • Dri-Design can be installed on Kingspan Karrier panel   
  • Fast and simple installation – No sealants, no gaskets required
  • Minimum components
  • High quality aesthetics
  • Wide range of colors and finishes, textures, metals
  • Cassette types and sizes easily interchange
  • Self-draining gutter, no streaks, low maintenance 
  • Fully tested system

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