MEGA Center

Suspended ventilated facade in total of 6 466 m² consisting of Karrier System and Ceramic Tiles were used in this large project in Latvia. Read more.

The Project

"MEGA" is a shopping and leisure center placed in Kaunas, Lithuania. 102 000 square metres, 2200 of parking capacity, number of tenants - 208 - this caused that Mega is the go-to fashion mega-zone in Kaunas.

Kaunas, Latvia
Ceramic Granite Facade
6466,04 m² Benchmark Karrier System, Ceramic Tiles
RAL7024 (Karrier panels), Vulcano Grey (Ceramic Tiles)
Benchmark_Mega Centro_Karrier_Ceramic_Tiles_LT_16

Be Inspired...

Benchmark_Mega Centro_Karrier_Ceramic_Tiles_LT_21
"MEGA" Shopping and Leisure Center was opened in 2005, but few years later increased of area was needed. It was a decision to renew and expande "MEGA". BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System was chosen to renovation of "MEGA" façade. Architects specied over 3000 square metres of Benchmark Karrier Panel for the walls, which is load bearing panel certify to carry out a load from K20 Ceramic Tiles. From the range of façade nishes were chosen to complement the build - Ceramic Tiles - nearly 3500 square metres. Benchmark by Kingspan provides a large selections of colours allowing architects and buildings owners the exibility in designing their buildings. With a wide variety of coloures architects decided to choose RAL7024 for panels and Vulcano Grey for Ceramic Tiles.

Complete solution for construction project

Technical Services Image_Spotlight Image__D_Aus
Working directly with architects and constructors meant our team was on hand throughout the course
of the works. We provided a level of service that mirrored the seamless installation on site and high
quality of our products supplied.

The result

Benchmark_Mega Centro_Karrier_Ceramic_Tiles_LT_4
The project was carried out by Baltic RED, one of the largest commercial real estate development and
management companies in the Baltic countries.