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Koupelny Ptacek

Kingspan Matrix, the modular facade system, with excellent thermal and fire properties was used in this colorful showroom building from 2017. Read more.

The Project

The showroom project for Bathrooms Ptacek was realized in 2017.
Modular façade system of the Designwall Serie, specifically Designwall Matrix, was used in relatively unconventional shades that correspond to the corporate identity of the company and to their logo.
Benchmark Designwall Matrix is  the one of the modular facade systems offered by our company. These systems are an alternative to traditional ventilated facades. Facades module are a complete solution of the building’s outer baffle.
The main advantages of the modular facade system Benchmark Designwall Matrix are its aesthetics, fast assemly and cost savings.
The man features of the Benchmark Designwall Matrix are the mineral wool core and the variable width and height facade elements. In addition, it meets the requirements for the exterior wall of building.

Prague, CZ
Designwall Matrix
Koupelny-Ptacek_Praha_Benchmark_Matrix_CZ (7)


Designwall Matrix is ​​an elegant yet safe solution, panels have been tested and approved in accordance with national standards and regulations.
BENCHMARK Matrix is the latest addition to the Designwall family. This advanced thermal insulating façade system captures its smooth finish and design with clean edges. Its visual appearance is unmistakable and shows that this product has been specially developed for modern industrial architecture. The dimensions of the panels give the building an exclusive, stylish look.
Surface finish
Exterior Sheet: The Kingspan Spectrum features outstanding durability, weather, corrosion and UV radiation resistence, with a high color and gloss stability. Perfect flexibility allows high resistance to mechanical damage. Kignspan Spectrum does not contain chlorine, phthalates or plasticizers and is 100% recyclable.