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Jaguar Showroom

Inspiraton Modular Facade System was used in this project from 2015 - the special sandwich panels underline the exclusivity of the car dealership. Read more.

The Project

The customers of the Augsburg Autohaus Werner Haas enjoy the performance of the top class around the Jaguar brand. This premium feeling should also be expressed in the construction of the new exhibition rooms in each element.

The impressive frame was formed by our wall system BENCHMARK Designwall Inspiration. Customized and individualized, the special sandwich panels underline the exclusivity of the car dealership. A modular facade system, which, in keeping with the customer's philosophy of surpassing customer expectations, creates unique signs for the building design.

Augsburg, DE
Designwall Inspiration
Our goal was to transfer the special features of the car house to the building. With the facade of Kingspan we were able to implement the expressive.
Jaguar Augsburg, BENCHMARK Modular Facade Systems, Designwall Inspiration

Modular façade system: integrated with energy efficiency

So impressive the exclusivity of the Jaguar models, so great were also the expectations of the project. The building should be equipped with a modern façade that shines with exceptional design and top performance.

Challenges were posed by the higher demands on energy efficiency and the time required for project implementation. Because customers did not want to wait too long, the dealership should open its doors as quickly as possible. Accordingly, our sandwich panels should be quickly installed to score with their design and excellent thermal properties.

Benchmark Jaguar Inspiration - Project

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