Warsaw, Poland, Benchmark Karrier (HPL, Mesh, Corner), Rainscreen facade, Suspended Ventilated Facade

Gallery Modo

Suspended Ventilated Facade on Karrier panel with HPL, Mesh and Corner elements were used in this project from 2015. Read more.

The Project

Since October 2015 the beautiful Warsaw has been enriched by an eye-catcher - the fabulous shopping center "Dom Mody MODO". With a sales area of 16,000 m2 and 350 boutiques, the modern complex invites you to an extraordinary shopping experience. The new shopping landscape has been equipped with an extraordinary outfit with the BENCHMARK Engineered Facade System (Suspended Ventilated Façade). The modern facades make the center an impressive shopping magnet.

Warsaw, PL
Karrier System (HPL, Mesh, Corner), Rainscreen Facade
The different materials used in the engineered facade system make the building a real highlight.
APA Wojciechowski Architekci
Rainscreen facade, Suspended ventilated facade, Benchmark Kingspan, Benchmark Karrier (HPL, Mesh, Corner)

The rainscreen façade for design flexibility

The best solution, for the design of the shopping center as eye catcher, was implemented with our engineered facade system. With HPL and expanded metal, the modern facades provide impressive visual highlights. Thus, the large-scale complex becomes a splendid piece by day. Meeting sunrays on the building, it gleams in the gentle light. Another highlight is at night. Through a creative illumination, the modern facade changes its appearance in the chameleon-like color scheme.

The overall structure combines shopping pleasure and boutique diversity inside with a fascinating appearance of the building envelope. With BENCHMARK by Kingspan Engineered Facade System, the extra class was combined with optimum functionality and the best insulation values. The imagination of the modern facade makes the center a real attraction in the cityscape.

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