Evolution modular prefabricated facade system


An all-in-one, quick to install, facade system. All components of external envelope contained into a simple modular, prefabricated cassette. A modern alternative to complex multi component ventilated facades

Evolution system - highlights

  • Evolution is a high performance, prefabricated modular wall system. A custom-made facade solution that can be individually tailored to even the most demanding projects.
  • Wide range of colours, joint options and cassettes height provides great freedom when designing architectural facades.
  • The cassettes are lightweight and therefore quicker and easier to install compared to conventional built-up wall systems (structural wall and ventilated facade). Each cassette consist of steel cladding and IPN insulation core.
  • Evolution will let you plan and design your project and meet both architectural and performance requirements.
  • The system offers great panel flatness as well as wide choice of design and colour options (incuding rounded corners). 
  • Thanks to it's prefabricated modular design, it will help you to save space, time and cost.
Kingspan Evolution facade system
Kingspan Evolution facade system

Evolution system - key specs.

  • Facade cassette with IPN insulation core
  • Installs twice as fast as traditional ventilated facade
  • Excellent insulation properties and lack of thermal bridges
  • Available cassette length: 500-6000 mm
  • Available cassette width: 600mm-1000mm ( in 50mm increments)
  • Available IPN  core thickness: 80,100, 120 and 150mm
  •  steel thickness: 0,7mm (external), 0,5mm (internal)

One cassette - unlimited possibilites

Vertical joint options

Evolution system offers a number of vertical joint options available giving you more design freedom
Q2a - 20mm vertical joint with alu profile, 20mm horizontal joint Q2a - 20mm vertical joint with alu profile, 20mm horizontal joint

Horizontal joint options

Horizontal joints are available in a range of widths from 0mm to 50mm to better reflect individual character of a facade. 
Benchmark Evolution Reveal d-ended_CEER
Horizontal stackbond Horizontal stackbond

Assembly options

Evolution system offers a number of assembly options: 
1. Horizontal stackbond
2. Stretcher bond - symmetrical
3. Stretcher bond - asymmetrical
4. Vertical stackbond
5. Striped - both vertical and horizontal


Evolution system is manufactured using the best components available, with rigorous quality control procedures, in modern manufacturing plant, in compliance with ISO 9001:2000. 

Technical Support

At Kingspan Facades we are committed to designing and developing state of the art, architectural facades solutions to our customers. Thanks to our expertise and technical knowledge we provide technical support to our customers at every stage of the project.


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Evolution system in details

  • Evolution is a modern, single-component,  all-in-one facade solution that lets you shorten assembly time by 50% compared to multi-component ventilated facades
  • Excellent thermal performance, no thermal bridges
  • Evolution will help you to lower the thickness of the wall by 50% compared to ventilated facades, thus giving you more interior space inside the building
  • Very good watertightness and weathertighness 
  • Super smooth, clean, minimalist finish
  • Wide range of vertical and horizontal joint finishes available
Evolution IPN panel - Technical Data:        
Panel Thickness (mm) 80 100 120 150
Panel length (mm) 500-6000 500-6000 500-6000 500-6000
Panel width ( mm) 600-1000 (in 50mm
600-1000 (in 50mm
600-1000 (in 50mm
600-1000 (in 50mm
Panel weight (kg/m2)* 15,50 16,80 18,00 19,90
Thermal transmittance (U-value) (W/m2K) - EN 14509 compliant; Insulation Core: IPN* 0,30 0,24 0,19 0,16
Steel Thickness (external/internal) (mm) 0,70/0,50 0,70/0,50 0,70/0,50 0,70/0,50
Fire Safety classification - EN13501-1 compliant B-s2,d0 B-s1,d0 B-s1,d0 B-s1,d0
Fire Resistance EI30 (i→o) / EI90 (o→i) (incl. gypsum plaster board) EI30 (i→o) / EI90 (o→i) (incl. gypsum plaster board) EI30 (i→o) / EI90 (o→i) (incl. gypsum plaster board) EI30 (i→o) / EI90 (o→i) (incl. gypsum plaster board)
Sound insulation Rw (dB) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Application External walls, internal walls, ceilings
*For panel width of 1000mm        

Vertical joint between panels

Evolution cassettes provide ultra smooth, clean surface

Prefabricated corner

Kingspan Fassaden__evolution corner detail_CEER

At Kingspan Facades, we can manufacture all complementary corners for all projects

Prefabricated curved corner

Kingspan Fassaden__evolution corner detail2_CEER
We provide a range of corners in various shapes to match the design of the building.

0mm horizontal joint, 20mm vertical joint

We offer a range of joints so that you can match the type of the joint to the design of the building.

20mm horizontal joint, 20mm vertical joint

A classic yet elegant joint option for a timeless architectural design

Architectural Details

Architectural Details Evolution CEE_EN_DWG

Architectural Details Evolution CEE_EN_PDF

Our Planet Passionate Program

Find out more about Planet Passionate Program - our 10 year  commitment for The Planet. 
Fire safety classification, in compliance with EN 13501-1:
  • Reaction to fire: B-s2,d0 ( for insulation core thickness of 80mm)
  • Reaction to fire: B-s1,d0 ( for insulation core thickness of 100, 120 and 150mm)
  • Evolution cassettes are available in width of 500mm -1000mm ( in 50mm increments)
  • Minimal length: 600mm
  • Maximum length: 6000mm
  • Cassette thickness: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm

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