Evolution - modular facade

Designwall Evolution

Aesthetics and Performance

With our elegant premium modular facade Evolution from the BENCHMARK modular facades range, you give buildings an individual aesthetic.

Enjoy maximum design freedom with our insulated facades for unique aesthetic and architectural requirements. And at the same time, you offer your customers excellent insulation and fire protection with our specially developed IPN insulation core (PIR).

Product Overview

Our high-quality insulated façade system provides a wide range of element widths, variable shadow joints in the reveal and a choice of more than 10 different joint options for more design diversity. You save space, time and costs thanks to prefabricated elements. And they are not only slimmer, but also much easier and faster to install than conventional multi-shell "built-up" systems.
  • Design flexibility
  • Self-supporting
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Complex façades can be easily realised
  • for vertical and horizontal applications

Joint details

Joint Details, Designwall Evolution, Benchmark Kingspan
FR_F_EVA_Fauceille_(6) v2

Corners and Curves

Curved elevations and neatly formed secret-fix corners are easily achieved with the modular facades range.

Panels can be curved vertically and horizontally to create large sweeping elevations or used for more understated corner sections.
Panels can also be cranked and mitred to form internal or external corner units or to create depth to a boxed and recessed window detail.

Technical Details

Product specifications
Paints and coatings
Insulation cores
Insulation, sound and fire behavior
Packaging & Delivery
Quality & Warranty
This is how it fits: Here you will find the respective data of our variants at a glance, core thickness, total thickness and inherent load.
Element thickness (mm) U-value by EN14509 (W/m2K) Thermal resistance R (m2K/W) Weight
  IPN QuadCore™  IPN QuadCore™  
80 0,294 0,23 3,231 4,03 13,59
100 0,233 0,18 4,121 5,13 14,35
120 0,192 0,15 5,044 6,28 15,11
150 0,153 0,12 6,354 7,01 16,25


For more freedom in the design of buildings you can set reliably to the profiling variety of Kingspan for the outer cover layer. The profiling of the inner cover layer is optimally adapted to the respective requirements.
With the standard top layer of polyester, you benefit from a universal and economical coating system. Above all, it is characterized by its color stability. The standard layer thickness of this coating is 25 μm.

Unbeatable in terms of color brilliance and natural color diversity, use our high-quality organic coating system Kingspan-Spectrum. For our roofing and walling systems, you have an extensive selection of solid and metallic colors. The polyurethane coating with a slightly granulated surface structure ensures a natural appearance. And in terms of sustainability, Spectrum can also be seen - with excellent corrosion protection and high UV resistance.

The special cover layer is also highly resistant to aging and weathering. Even in demanding climatic conditions, colors and gloss remain impressively preserved (no chipping). Also the high formability and the excellent resistance to mechanical damage make Spectrum such an extraordinary coating system. Out of love for the environment, Spectrum is free of chlorine, phthalates and plasticizers and is 100% recyclable. If you would like further coating systems for your projects, we would be pleased to advise you and make alternatives for you.

Organic coating systems - for the inner surface layer

With a nominal layer thickness of 15 μm, the DU thin film DU is made of polyester in the standard white color (similar to RAL 9002) for the reaction. Good color fastness and a standard layer thickness of 25 μm are offered by the standard polyester - PES: a universal and economical coating system
Wherever high hygienic requirements are required in cooling rooms or food processing plants and buildings, our coating system Foodsafe is reliably used internally. The chemically inert polymer film coating is available in the standard white color.

Would you like further options for the inner surface layer? Just contact us.

In order to provide you with impressive colors for optical highlights, we also offer you a wide range of versatile tones.

IPN insulation core (PIR)

A strong core of Kingspan for better insulation.
  • Our IPN insulation core made of closed-cell polyurethane hard foam provides an excellent thermal conductivity (lambda value) of 0.0224 W / mK.
  • Good for the environment and good for your customers, our IPN insulation core with zero ozone depletion potential shines. In addition, it is CFC / HCFC-free, odorless and safe for the stay and the health.
  • The rigid polyurethane foam reacts chemically neutral. Mold and decay have no chance.

QuadCore™  insulation core

Specially developed in-house, QuadCore™  offers you and your customers a new dimension of advanced insulation, convincing sustainability, impressive durability and superior fire behavior:
  • 20% more insulation performance can not only be seen but are unique. How it works? With a superior thermal conductivity (lambda value) of only 0.018 W / mK.
  • Ideal for new high performance buildings
  • Property insurers FM Global and LPCB are clear with their certification: QuadCore™  is characterized by the lowest smoke emission in its class
  • In 40 years as outstanding as on the first day: our guaranteed thermal performance for your customers.
  • Our QuadCore™  insulation core is designed to ensure that your building ideas can be implemented all the time
  • CFC / HCFC-free. We rely on the zero-waste strategy and do not use fire-retardant halogens. These are also strong arguments for certification by institutes such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB or Greenstar
With our Kingspan products, you can experience how diverse steel can make an impression.

Metallic coatings
Our coated systems Polyester, Spectrum™  and PVDF use surface treated steel with a Z275 zinc coating in accordance with DIN EN 10346.

Substrate thicknesses
  • The standard plate thickness outside is 0.70 mm.
  • The standard plate thickness is 0.50 mm.
  • On request, we will be happy to provide you with additional sheet thicknesses.
With variable core thicknesses, we offer you different possibilities for optimal thermal protection.

Offer your customers the extra security with excellent fire behavior.

Where quiet sounds are to be applied, use these variants to ensure optimum noise protection.
In order to count on the high-quality Kingspan quality at the site, we pack all elements safely and reliably for longer transports. How many items a package contains depends on its thickness and its length.

For a quick overview, we have put together some guidelines for you. With exceptionally high delivery lengths the values are reduced. A typical package height is 1,100 mm and the maximum weight is 3,000 kg.

The elements are delivered directly to the construction site by truck transport. If you want a different delivery, this is of course also possible. In any case, the unloading is subject to the customer or the publisher and must be ensured by the customer.
Very fast and easy installation. Please contact our technical support to get more information or to book your training session.
With our insulated roof and wall systems, you put your customers on the outstanding Kingspan quality. This is ensured by the exclusive use of high-quality materials, our continuous quality control and state-of-the-art production technologies. Of course, all Kingspan roof and wall systems meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

You can trust in this: For the organic coating of the outer steel top layer, we offer you a project-related warranty with regard to the respective application. The information on this website is only valid as an insured property, as far as they are expressly confirmed by us in writing. We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Strong combination

You do not have to worry about transmission heat losses due to the impressive precision in the longitudinal impact area of the insulation. For the best performance of all known insulation systems in construction, our evolutionary combination of steam-diffusion-proof steel cover layers with our closed-cell IPN rigid foam core (PIR) or QuadCore™  ensures. And, of course, the insulation core is absolutely harmless to health, has zero-ozone depletion potential and is CFC / HCFC-free. For your ideas and the best possible insulation, you have no limits with Evolution.


Designwall Evolution

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Designwall Evolution

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