Kingspan Facades for Contractors

Our products are technically proven to provide maximum reassurance on compatibility and system integration with ensured ease of installation.

Product compatibility

Kingspan Facades products have been designed with compatibility at the forefront. To help you avoid installation issues due to lack of system integration, even with complex designs. Detailing at key junctions is simplified and complex geometries can be achieved while still taking advantage of modular construction techniques.  

Technical information and advice

We ensure that the technical information that we provide is correct to ensure building installation always runs smoothly. We understand that the last thing you need is hidden costs through complicated and delayed projects. Kingspan trained experts are always on hand to help with project installation.

Total Kingspan Guarantee

Many manufacturers guarantee their products for specific isolated areas of performance. Few can offer assurance across a whole spectrum of testing standards. Total Guarantee Assurance covers all of the key performance areas for façade systems.