Snow King V3

Product overview

Another piece from the Kingspan Original Accessories Range is the Z14 and Z12 snow grippers. It is used to keep the snow cover on the roof. You will use them especially where there is a threat of a one-off fall of a large amount of snow from the roof.

Our grippers allow gradual snow melting without risk of landslide. It also protects sub-drains or lightning conduits from the snow.  The dimensions correspond to selected types of roof insulating panels (RW, FF and RT).


Kingspan Accessories (EN)

Information about the Kingspan Accessories for Panels

Kingspan Total Roof Solution (EN)

Z12 snowking

  • Compatible with KS1000 RW, KS1000 FF or KS1000 RT insulation panels.
  • Placing between waves of panel in chessboard-like order
  • Installation in one or more rows above one another based on static calculation
  • For suggestion of distance, number and location, contact our technical department

Z14 snowking

Snow King V3
  • Compatible with KS1000 RW
  • Placing linearly over the entire length of the roof
  • Installation in one or more rows based on static calculation
  • For suggestion of distance, number and location, contact our technical department

Technical Information

Planet Passionate

Snow gripper Z12

  • material: aluminium
  • thickness: 1,5 mm
  • lenght: 333 mm (for KS1000 RW), 250 mm (for KS1000 FF), 200 mm (KS1000 RT)
  • surface: no treatment or RAL

Snow gripper Z14 – SnowKing

  • material: aluminium
  • thickness: 3 mm
  • lenght: 1996 mm (pro panel KS1000 RW)
  • surface: no treatment or RAL
Planet Passionate
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System Accessories & Services

Dedicated Technical Support is availalable throughout the building cycle, pre- and post manufacture.
Contact us for complimentary services including: U Value/ Condensation risk calculation, project specific NBS specifications, bespoke construction detail, advice on fire & accoustic performance, panel spans, fastener & roof drainage calculations, optimised lighting designs, building energy modelling & Installation Training.

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