Kingspan Rooflight
KS1000 PC

KS1000 PC

Product overview

The Kingspan Rooflight is suitable for all building applications with a roof pitch of 7º or more after deformation, unless the humidity considerably increases through building occupants or processes, or for interior environments with low temperatures.

  • Faster and easier installation
  • Low weight with high resistance
  • High ROI through special energy efficiency
  • Can be used with the roof element KS1000 RW
  • Faster and easier installation
  • Low costs
  • One manufacturer; one point of contact
  • Total guarantee
  • Roof is immediately leak-proof 
Kingspan Rooflights enables a high daylight yield.  These available light-permeable polycarbonate systems offer superior UV resistance; which in turn enables outstanding long-term light-permeability and first-class thermal and structural characteristic values.

Kingspan Rooflights can also be used for wall applications, as needed.
For additional project-specific information, please contract the Kingspan Technical Service Department.


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