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Australian Made Rural Rainwater Tanks

Kingspan Rhino rural water tanks are built tough with genuine Australian BlueScope ZINCALUME® steel and are available in the full range of COLORBOND® colours. Tanks range in size from 26,000 litres up to 365,000 litres. All tanks have a reinforced food grade 5-layer polyethylene liner to keep your water fresh, making them ideal for rural and residential applications.

Established for over 25 years and backed by a 20 year conditional warranty, a Kingspan Rhino water tank is the ideal solution for your rainwater harvesting and bore water storage needs.

Product Information

Liner Information
Colour Range
All Kingspan Rhino water tanks are made with a corrugated profile for incredible wall strength and durability. Add to this a 250mm overlap at the joints and a 200mm double bolt spacing, and what you have is pure Rhino strength. With the 12mm bolts being hot-dipped galvanized, corrosion won't stand a chance.

In order to ensure complete quality control, once manufactured, our tanks are then installed on site by our team of trained specialists. Tanks are manufactured as a kit and sent to site for installation.

All Kingspan Rhino Rural Tanks come with a 20 Year pro rata conditional warranty.

Quality Inclusions for Your Water Tank

Kingspan Rhino water tanks are generously fitted with all the core features you'd expect in a water tank and can be customised further to suit your individual requirements.
Rhino Water Tank Core Inclusions

Reinforced Food Grade Kingspan Rhino INFINITY Liner

All Kingspan Rhino tanks come with our tank liners and are made in the Kingspan factory in Western Australia for over 20 years. Our qualified liner fabricators use the latest welding techniques and state of the art machinery to produce liners of the very highest quality.

Kingspan Rhino INFINITY Liner has a state of the art food grade, UV treated, multi layered film called Metallocene, laminated to the existing reinforced polyethylene liner, giving extra layers of strength and durability. The development of this commercial strength liner demonstrates Kingspan’s commitment to innovation and consistently improving our products.
Infinity Liner Layers Breakdown
Colorbond Colours
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Kingspan Rhino Rural Water Tanks Brochure

Kingspan Rhino Water Tanks have a five year service interval. To ensure that your tank performs optimally, this service is mandatory for us to continuously offer the 20 year pro-rata warranty. Every five years, Kingspan Rhino will send you a service reminder so that you are aware that a service is due.
The service will include a complete check of the condition of the tank and surrounds, function of all tank components and the installation of new Sacrificial Anodes, which are crucial to protect your tank from corrosion.

Tank Sizes

Capacities and Sizes

RT-25 3.88m 2.2m 26,062 5,792 5.5m 0.8m3
RT-40 4.86m 2.2m 40,723 9,049 6.5m 0.8m3
RT-60 5.83m 2.2m 58,640 13,031 7.5m 1.0m3
RT-80 6.80m 2.2m 79,816 17,737 8.5m 1.0m3
RT-100 7.77m 2.2m 104,250 23,167 9.5m 1.2m3
RT-130 8.74m 2.2m 131,941 29,320 10.5m 1.2m3
RT-160 9.71m 2.2m 162,890 36,198 11.5m 1.6m3
RT-200 10.68m 2.2m 197,097 43,799 12.5m 1.6m3
RT-230 11.65m 2.2m 234,562 52,125 13.5m 2.0m3
RT-275 12.62m 2.2m 275,284 61,174 14.5m 2.1m3
RT-310 11.65m 2.9m 309,235 68,170 13.5m 2.0m3
RT-365 12.62m 2.9m 362,979 80,639 14.5m 2.1m3

For tanks larger than 365,000 litres, please contact us for specifications.

NOTE: Sizes listed are gross capacities. Effective capacities vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Brute Strength Inside and Out

Built tough in Australia with Bluescope ZINCALUME® or in the full range of genuine COLORBOND® colours for the harsh Australian weather. Tank sizes can range from 26000 litres up to 365000 litres to match your water storage needs. All tanks come with a 20 year warranty.

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