Thermomax HP400 Evacuated Tube Collectors


HP400 is a highly efficient solar evacuated tube collector, HP400 is a 'Dry System' recommended especially for domestic use. The dry connection between manifold and tubes means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced, without affecting the entire solar thermal system.

A shorter neck on the tubes, reduces movement, retaining their flexibility and making them easier to insert. Thermomax's light slimline manifold is aesthetically pleasing and also supports efficient installation.  A unique temperature limitation device gives added system protection by helping to prevent overheating.

Technical information
Thermomax HP evacuated tube collector is a 'dry system' recommended especially for ease of installation and maintenance. The superior vacuum inside Thermomax HP tubes protects the system from outside influences such as cold conditions or high humidity. Simple 'plug and play' design of Thermomax solar thermal collectors reduces labour time and maintenance.

Our range of HP400 evacuated tube collectors offer:

  • Highly efficient - super fast heat transfer
  • Unique temperature limitation safety device - memory spring to limit temperature to 90°C (domestic installations) or 135°C (commercial/industrial installations)
  • Up to 30% more efficient than traditional flat plate panels
  • Supplies up to 70% of your annual hot water needs
  • Asethically pleasing - slimline manifold
  • 'Plug and play' for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Dry fit of heat pipe tubes allows easy maintenance as tubes can be removed without draining the system
  • Up to 20 years guarantee (when installed by a Kingspan Accredited Installer)*
  • Excellent customer and technical support available
  • MCS Approved and Solar Keymarked
​*T&Cs apply see installation manual for more information
Number of Tubes 20 30
Absorber Area (m2) 2.01 3.021
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1952 x 1418 x 93 1952 x 2127 x 93
Aperture Area (m2) 2.16 3.23
Fluid Volume (ltr) 1.2 1.7
Inlet and Outlet Dimensions (mm) 22 22
Weight (empty) (kg) 48 71
Recommended Inclination (*) 20-70 20-70
Zero Loss Collector Efficiency 0.75 0.75
1st Heat Loss Coefficient (a1): 1.18 w/m2K 1.18 w/m2K
2nd Heat Loss Coefficient (a2) 0.0095 w/m2K2 0.0095 w/m2K2
Temperature Limitation (˚C) 90 / 135 90 / 135