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The Old Stone House

Aged not by years, but by its stories

The Project

Built in 1870 by Sir John Cracroft Wilson, the Old Stone House has become a unique Christchurch landmark full of history.

Originally designed as living quarters for Wilson’s Indian employees and their families, the building offered shelter from Canterbury’s less temperate climate. These Indian and Eurasian families went on to form Christchurch’s first Indian communities.

Carcroft, Christchurch
Timber framed skillion roof
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Kooltherm K10 G2 Soffit Board
1966 The Old Stone House
Since its original construction, the Old Stone House has seen its fair share of horrors. A fire in 1971 reduced the house to its shell before being rebuilt by the community in 1979. More recently, the iconic building was severely damaged by the deadly earthquake in February 2011.

The most recent restoration required new diaphragm walls and roof connections, replacement stone lintels, and the sealing of concrete walls and foundations with pressure injected epoxy. In total, more $2million worth of repairs.

The Old Stone House is a Heritage NZ category 2 historic place, a building that was originally built with no effective insulation in its envelope. The restoration of the building therefore needed to be carefully planned to ensure its integrity was not compromised and that its famous facades remained unchanged.
Old Stone House 2
The strict criteria called for a slim profile insulation that could offer high thermal performance to negate the fluctuating climate, offer dimensional stability for the aged building, and fit within the building’s existing profile.

“Kingspan’s Kooltherm K10 G2 was able to meet all the requirements with it’s high R-Value to thickness ratio, superior vapour control, and rigid structure”, commented Specification Manager, Geoff Biddick.

As part of the restoration, the building was strengthened to 67 per cent of the new building standard. The rigid structure of the phenolic Kooltherm K10 G2 60mm boards delivered dimensionally stable, consistent, long term thermal performance in the skillion roof between its timber framing and the slate roof.
Old Stone House 3
“Once the product had been installed Kingspan visited the site to check the application and ensure the installation complied with Kingspan requirements. The project was also checked over by Kingspan’s technical services team who provided the site with a 10 year project specific warranty”, continued Biddick. 

After seven years of deliberation and 15 months of restoration, the Old Stone House was officially reopened in February 2018, by Caroline Murray, the great-great granddaughter of the original owner, John Wilson.

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