High performance insulation for Porsche

MedCar showroom driven to perform

The Project

High performance insulation for Porsche

MedCar showroom driven to perform

MAP Architects
Hanham and Philp Contractors
Christchurch, NZ
Kooltherm K10 G2 Soffit Board, Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard

MAP Architects were handed a hard task when asked to design this modern building on the streets of Christchurch.

The building needed to house both Porsche and Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST) in the same building whilst ensuring both parties still received an energy efficient, state of the art building that met all their needs.

Walking through the new Porsche showroom it is hard not to recognise you are walking through high performance, technologically advanced, premium quality products.

This feeling is quickly cemented once you draw your eyes away from the cars on the floor, and look up to the metres of Kingspan Insulation’s Kooltherm K10 G2 Soffit Board lining the soffits.

Chosen for its high fire properties, its lightweight, easy installation, and its 10 year Project Specific Warranty, the Kooltherm K10 FM G2 Soffit Board was an easy choice for future proofing this building for years to come.

The showroom also has Kingspan Insulation’s Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard lining the walls, giving it a sleek, finished look.

Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard is a high performance, fibre free, rigid thermoset phenolic insulation, sandwiched between a front facing of tapered edge gypsum based plasterboard and a reverse tissue based facing that is autohesively bonded to the insulation core.

The Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard is lightweight and has a thin profile, allowing for a bigger footprint, and an easier, faster installation.

As a competitor to the classic stud and track method, Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard can be installed directly onto a concrete wall, enhancing the overall floor area yet still providing a high thermal performance.

Its lightweight system structure and fast install method makes it an easy choice for builders and contractors such as Hanham and Philp Contractors who managed the installation of the product for this project.

The reduced time it takes to install the product cuts down labour costs and aids in delivering a quick completion time.

Although filled with high performing internal insulation products, the building design has little difficulty showing off its own state-of-the-art features. These include interactive screens for browsing Porsche’s range of models and configurations, and electric vehicle charging points in the first floor carpark for what Porsche anticipate to be a necessity in the near future.

As a building housing medical tenancies, it has been built with resilience in mind and boasts a higher than usual earthquake standard (IL3) of compliance to ensure the safety of its tenants after a run of earthquake tragedies in the city.

It will also feature an upmarket café on the ground floor to encourage healthy eating in the precinct and meet the needs of health workers from the clinic on the upper level.

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