RW Trapezoidal Pitched Roof System (KS1000 RW)

Codemark certification, Kingspan Insulated Panels New Zealand


Kingspan's trapezoidal roof systems present a superior system compared to conventional multi-part site assembled systems. They are quicker to install, require less manual labour and are designed to meet thermal building regulation compliance.
1. Insurer-approved Kingspan FIREsafe™ PIR insulated panel system.
2. CodeMark™-approved
3. Superior PIR insulation core
4. Compatible daylighting & fabrications
5. High performance coatings 
6. Integrated insulated gutters providing complete thermal envelope
7. Complete air and water tight system
Profile Trapezoidal
Fixing Detail Through-fix
Metal type Steel
Application Standard roof pitch is 4° and above (after deflection). A 3° solution is available subject to written confirmation from Kingspan: please contact us for more information.
Lengths From 2m to 11.8m
Cover Width 1000mm
Product Compatibility   Integrates with Day-Lite Trapezoidal and Kingspan fall protection solutions
Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof & Wall Panel KS1000 RW Datasheet

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof & Wall Panel KS1000 RW Datasheet

Technical Details

Trapezoidal RW Roof and Wall Panel Profile Dimensions, Kingspan Insulated Panels, New Zealand
The R-values/U-values have been calculated using the method required by the appropriate National Building Regulations.
Core Thickness (mm) 40 60 70 100
Overall Thickness (mm) 75 95 105 135
R-Value (m2.K/W) 2.34 3.36 3.87 5.35
U-Value (W/m2K) 0.43 0.30 0.26 0.19
Weight (kg/m2) 0.5 steel / 0.4 steel 10.30 10.7 11.1 12.3

The 'engine' of a panel system is the insulation core. Kingspan's unique PIR insulation formula creates a superior closed cellular core fundamental to the panel system in terms of fire and thermal performance. This combined with the robust engineering of the Kingspan trapezoidal roof panel, with its steel facings and superior joint design, make the Kingspan roof unparalleled as a weather-resilient, air-tight, low energy and highly fire resistant solution.
  • Certified FIREsafe PIR Core
  • FM 4771 – Class 1 Roof Panels Systems
  • Green TAG Gold certified
  • CodeMark certified
  • Superior R values
  • Durability – Long term performance
  • Internal Spread of Flame - Group 1-S
Kingspan Standard Colours, Kingspan Insulated Panels New Zealand
▲ Stocked KS1000 RW
Stocked KS1000 AWP
* KI Blue, Bushland, Loft, Sandbank, Mandarin and Stone - extended lead times apply. Please contact us
For high-performance colours (eg, for coastal applications) please contact us.
Trapezoidal RW Roof and Wall Panel is FM Approved, Kingspan Insulated Panels, New Zealand

Kingspan panels meet the highest property loss prevention product testing and certification standards. The FM mark is recognised by the world’s leading regulatory authorities.

FM 4471
The Kingspan PIR core, has been tested and passed the requirements of AS1366.2   

The ‘internal spread of flame’ is classed as Group 2-S for standard specification, and Group 1-S for a firewall specification.
GreenTag certified roof panels, Kingspan Insulated Panels New Zealand

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panels have achieved a GreenTagCert™ Gold Plus certification with a GreenRate® Level A.
In recognition of the many different demands that are placed on construction professionals today, Kingspan Insulated Panels guarantees not just one aspect of its products but all of the key performance areas.

Kingspan guarantees the coating, structural, durability and thermal performance of a product. 

Kingspan Trapezoidal roof panels are guaranteed for up to 15 years.


Kingspan Not all Insulation is the Same Brochure

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof & Wall Panel KS1000 RW Datasheet

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panel KS1000 RW Details (pdf)

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panel KS1000 RW Details (dwg)

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panel KS1000 RW Roof Penetration Details (pdf)

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panel KS1000 RW Roof Penetration Details (dwg)

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panel KS1000 RW Installation Guide

Kingspan Roof Panels GreenTag certificate

Kingspan Roof Panels Environmental Product Declaration

Not all Insulation is the Same

Not all Insulation is the Same

Insurer-approved Kingspan FIREsafe™ insulated panel systems undergo rigorous testing for fire reaction and fire resistance. Download our latest brochure here.


Kingspan's Trapezoidal RW roof and wall panel is CodeMark certified
CodeMark is the highest level product certification available in the NZ market. Government-approved, CodeMark-certified products must be accepted by local authorities when granting building consents (as long as the product is used in accordance with the certificate).
The Codemark process was undertaken with SAI Global, who evaluated all parts of Kingspan’s business and processes from production and quality systems through to installation details, and against the both the Australian and New Zealand building codes.

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof & Wall Panel KS1000 RW CodeMark certificate

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panel KS1000 RW CodeMark Details


Kingspan's Trapezoidal Roof Panel is listed in the Masterspec online specification toolThe Trapezoidal Roof Panel is listed in Masterspec's product database and online specifications tool.

System Accessories & Services

We manufacture and support the complete roof and wall system including construction details (see CAD details above). Contact us for complementary services including: project specific specifications, advice on fire, thermal, condensation and structural performance along with review of bespoke construction details.
Trapezoidal Roof System Components, Kingspan Insulated Panels, New Zealand

System Accessories

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