Fire Safety with Kingspan Insulated Panels

Fire Safety and Facade Compliance

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Fire Performance and Compliance

Fire is a complex phenomenon. How it develops depends on many different factors, only one of which is the fabric of a building.
For example, the fire performance of a façade system depends on the interaction of all the components (including fixings, fasteners and sealants) in that system in response to a fire and also on other design and construction factors such as the position of fire barriers, the size of ventilation gaps and so on.
The Building Regulations governing fire safety are designed to preserve life and this must always be the primary consideration in the design and construction of any building. To assist with this there are prescribed tests and standards that can be used to classify building products and guidance is provided to show which classifications are deemed to comply with the requirements of different building types.
The insurance industry recognises the importance of system testing for property protection in the event of a fire and as far back as the 1980s developed its own suite of large-scale system tests and standards to ensure that a more accurate assessment of risk could be made of specific building constructions. Over the years case studies by independent experts have shown that there is a very close correlation between the results of insurance industry large-scale testing and actual building performance in real fires.
Kingspan is dedicated to building solutions that not only deliver superior construction efficiencies and lifetime performance, but are underpinned by extensive system fire testing and proven fire performance in real fire case studies. Our roof, wall and façade systems are extensively tested for compliance with Building Regulations and insurance industry approval. 

The following resources examine the different standards that are relevant to façades and roof and wall insulated panel systems, and demonstrates why large-scale testing, regardless of insulation type, should always provide the benchmark for fire safety performance.

BS 8414 & AS5113 compliance can be achieved with a Kingspan single-component wall panel system

Not all Insulation is the Same

Not all Insulation is the Same

Insurer-approved Kingspan FIREsafe™ insulated panel systems undergo rigorous testing for fire reaction and fire resistance. Download our latest brochure here.

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