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Dee Why PCYC, Sydney, Australia

Police Citizens Youth Club, Dee Why, Sydney

The soft light curved dynamic profile minimises the perceived building bulk, blending with the sky and bouncing light behind the canopies of the existing street trees. The curve draws the eye across the building in a seamless arc.

Damian Campanella,
Senior Architect at FJMT studio 

The Project

The KingZip system from Kingspan Insulated Panels has been used to create a single curved, tapered surface encompassing both roof and walls, that envelops a striking new community building on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Dee Why, Sydney, Australia
Roof & Wall:
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The KingZip system was the solution that could accommodate the numerous design challenges.

“When you analyse it, it is not a rational shape. The geometry of the building is quite special. The curved portal frame shape starts as a wall, becomes the roof and goes back down the other side and becomes a wall again, so it’s all one structure.

The portal frame shapes are the ribs at the centre of the building. It is parallel–sided then twists and tapers, and there is also a fall on the roof,” explained John Perry, Associate Principal at FJMT.

“One of the wonderful things about using KingZip is you can taper it, twist and bend it or curve it without losing the strength as a consequence. You can make irrational shapes very easily,” said Perry.

Project architect Campanella said this enabled FJMT to realise their design. “KingZip allowed us to get a complex form by the most economically available means, but also in a way that was able to be subtly manipulated to achieve that form.”

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Technical Support

The Kingspan Insulated Panels team, led by Niall Horgan, general manager KingZip and BENCHMARK, worked closely with all the various parties involved in the project, from design conception in 2013 through to completion in 2017.

“We were able to walk through the entire process from conception to completion, by understanding their intent, then recommending the product, and providing the technical documentation and support to explain what the system can do, and how to use it to best effect,” said Horgan

“This was a really interesting project to work on. The single element curved walls and roof is unusual and certainly out of the box. It stands out from the crowd and really shows off the versatility of the KingZip system.”

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Products Used on this Project

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