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We want to be a part of shaping buildings of the future and to help you make your vision a reality. Our freeform roofing solutions are a celebration of versatility and have been designed with you in mind to help you reach unstoppable heights, to create extraordinary buildings and fulfill design intent with total flexibility from initial form finding to construction without compromise.

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KingZip, from concept to completion

From Concept to Completion

KingZip is manufactured onsite using a mobile manufacturing fleet that can be deployed anywhere in the world. This enables the architect's design requirements to be fulfilled in terms of aesthetics, specification, performance and construction. The proprietary software ensures direct transfer from CAD details to on-site production.

KingZip is supported by Kingspan's extensive technical team who support from concept design through to installation, ensuring that the architect's vision becomes a high performance reality.
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Art and Architecture - KingZip Freeform Roofing Solutions.

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Explore unprecedented freedom to create extraordinary 3D geometric buildings.

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