Data & digitisation: Optimising materials specification, circularity, and streamlining construction

5 June 2020 Kingspan - Global
Data and digitisation ultimately prompt circularity in the construction sector.

Kingspan advocates the construction industry’s development of innovative solutions towards decarbonisation. This will require systemic change in how building materials are produced, specified, and transported and buildings are designed, built, operated, and ultimately deconstructed. These changes will create a platform for increased circularity in the built environment, embedding value in materials, facilitating refurbishment, reuse, and better recycling.

Data and Digital Twins contribute to the circular economy because thanks to enhanced product information and advancements in computational power and cloud storage, for the first time, those dismantling, refurbishing or improving properties will know exactly what has been installed and how, thereby maximising material recovery. They will make refurbishment a predictable operation rather than an expensive game of roulette and turn demolition sites into places of resource rather than waste, demonstrating there is far more value and opportunity in buildings than we could have ever imagined.

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