BS 8414 Large-Scale System Testing

What is BS 8414?

BS 8414 is a large-scale system test that mimics a fire breaking out of a window and exposing a cladding system to a severe fire. 

The 60 minute test measures and evaluates fire spread and mechanical performance, and includes a 30 minute observation to evaluate propagation behaviour post exposure.

How does Combustibility affect BS 8414 Results?

We explored whether the outcome of BS 8414 large-scale system testing is affected by the combustibility of the insulation used in the cladding system - and directly compared two tests using insulation materials classified as 'non-combustible' and 'combustible'.


What is BR 135?

Performance criteria for assessing cladding systems tested using BS 8414 is contained within BR 135 -  Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multi-storey buildings. It is important to note that the classification applies solely to the specific external facade system which has been tested.
The BRE holds a public register of BR 135 classified external cladding systems completed at their test lab, which can be viewed here.

You can also download the full testing standard from the British Standards Institution shop:

Kingspan BS 8414 tested systems

We have a suite of panelised facade and rainscreen facade systems that have been tested to BS 8414 and pass the requirements of BR 135. Click here for more information including specification details and downloadable classification reports. 

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