Fire Spread

It’s important to understand the burning behaviour of building materials and to what extent, once exposed to fire, they will contribute to fire propagation.

Kingspan’s high-performance PIR, QuadCore® and Kooltherm insulation materials are thermosetting, typically resulting in a protective stable char layer when exposed to heat.

This char layer acts as a barrier between the fire source and the insulation underneath. When the fire source is removed the insulation self-extinguishes and does not contribute to fire spread.

QuadCore® Charring Demonstration

Watch the video to see for yourself how QuadCore® self-extinguishes when the fire source is removed.

We want, and need, building materials to prevent fire spreading from one area to another. This means it’s easier for fire professionals to deal with the fire, for people to reach safety, and for the business to keep running once the fire has been extinguished.

Merlyn Forrer, Fire Engineer

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