Grease Separators

Designed for large commercial and industrial applications such as restaurants and hotels. With over 10 years’ experience in separator research, design and manufacturing, our Klargester grease separators guarantee high performance.
NSG06 Dimetric

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  • Greatly reduces drain blockages, for maximum operational efficiency
  • Helps improve performance of septic tanks and field drains for best results
  • Prevents contamination of small sewage treatment plants, reducing risk of breakdown
  • Designed in accordance with BS EN 1825-1
  • Protects mains drainage system from grease blockages
Tank Separator Model Flow rate (l/s) Tank length (mm) Distance between necks (mm) Capacity (L) Shipping Height (mm) Fall Across The Unit (mm)
diameter 1.2 NSG04 4 2072 1122 2000 1570 70
diameter 1.2 NSG06 6 3018 2068 3000 1570 70
diameter 1.2 NSG09 9 3895 2940 4000 1570 70
diameter 1.8 NSG18 18 3231 2281 8000 2120 70
diameter 1.8 NSG24 24 4386 3436 11000 2120 70

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