Modular BioDisc Treatment Plant

The new Kingspan Modular BioDisc containerised sewage treatment plant, is available for populations from 300PE to 2500PE and as an above or below ground option for a flexible engineered solution.

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Product overview

Key Benefits
Technical Information
Key benefits
  • Odour free – tested and fully approved in accordance with BS EN 13725.
  • Robust GRP construction
  • 300 – 2500PE
  • No compressors – No noise
  • Low running costs
  • Scalable single piece containerised tank
  • Patented Flow Management
  • Continuous treatment even with over- or under load
  • Remote Monitoring Available
  • Solar Panel Back Up option – up to 80% of used energy on site
  • Fully removable covers for simple maintenance
  • Designed in accordance with EN 12255
Our patented flow management system ensures optimum treatment performance in the treatment zones. BioDisc® features two chambers to ensure a totally efficient operation with a unique flow balancing facility.
This managed flow system ensures peak performance by smoothing variable loads. Wastewater is moved at a controlled rate through the sections with the entire media area available, ensuring maximum treatment efficiency.

Technical Specification
Product PE BOD TSS NH4
MBS 1 320 20 30 20
MBS 1N 250 10 15 5
MBS 2 640 20 30 20
MBS 2N 500 10 15 5
Unit Daily Flow
Daily Load
Motor Power
Modular BioDisc
50,000 15 6,700 2,210 2,400 5,000 1.1 Kw/400v
Population Equivalent Primary Settlement Tank
Final Settlement Tank
250 40m3 (90) 15m3
500 76m3 (90) 27m3
750 80m3 (45) 38m3
1000 91m3 (30) 48m3
1500 130m3 (30) 68m3
2000 169m3 (30) 87m3


Typical Applications 

  • Transport
  • Residential
  • Multi-housing Developments
  • Leisure
  • Campsites
  • Offices
  • Public Sector
  • Hospitality

Modular BioDisc Sewage Treatment Plant

The Kingspan modular RBC system is designed for applications with higher populations. The RBC comprises of a complete modular system containing the RBC units along with primary and final settlement tanks. Both RBC units and tanks can be increased in numbers or size to make a flexible system for an expanding or phased population growth. Each of the units can be linked to create a complete sewage treatment system.

How it works…

Flow Management Process
The unique BioDisc® flow management process allows for complete flexibility of forward feed rate. Rotating buckets transfer untreated water through each of the BioZones, allowing for total forward feed control. These are independently driven and allow the buckets to run at a different speed to the rotor.
Sectional Media Modules
The Biozone media within the BioDisc® Modular system is built up in ‘wedge’ sections to make a two-metre diameter rotor assembly. A complete wedge can be removed from the rotor for maintenance or inspection without compromising the overall rotor structure. This ensures the rotor assembly can stay in place, without the need for removal.
Rotor Support Bearings
The rotor assembly within BioDisc® is supported by a pillow block bearing at each end of the rotor shaft. These are equipped with self-lubricating grease cartridges to provide continual lubrication. Both bearings can be accessed by removing the individual covers for maintenance. It is not necessary to remove the larger main covers, allowing for easier maintenance.
Strapping Points
The treatment plant can be lifted from the side by forklift truck. Forklift tubes are built into the steel construction frame. The unit can also be lifted at either end with the aid of extension forks. Alternatively, the unit can be lifted with slings. Four lifting brackets are attached to the frame and lifting shackles are provided with each unit.

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